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The traditional ruling planet for the 2nd stage overall is Jupiter. The keyword phrase for Jupiter is wisdom in growth—and what this means is that you know the first stage is behind you as the business has reached a point where it's actually starting to show things like a stable customer base with sufficient products and management enough for it to be able to stand on its own 2 feet so to say and generally run okay but the expansion of anything always entails using a certain amount of wisdom.

Everything now is up and running and you are well aware of what each part entails in order to keep the business doing its job and as a result of time and effort and experience, the results are proving successful.

This is exactly typical of the rewards come from Saturn. And there's no better way than through the energies as represented by Jupiter. At this point also things like sales are steadily increasing and producing good enough profit and growth margins as result of marketing endeavors and product management. There may be outsourcing and other people now starting to get involved with the business operations all of which indicate the sub-stages of this typically Jupiterian second stage growth cycle of the business.

The sub-stages for Jupiter are:

1st sub-stage: Jupiter/saturn

2nd sub-stage: Jupiter/jupiter

3rd sub-stage: Jupiter/sun

4th sub-stage: Jupiter/pluto

* Note Jupiter’s position and divide the house up into lots of 2.5° duads for its respective stages in order to note the bigger picture of the signs and houses in the chart—the same as you did in doing the sub-stages and their planetary rulers in the 1st stage with Saturn.


Growth begins with adding extra structure and building more form. As a result the business can expand quickly in the growth stage until its either declines or is ready to transform and undergo transition into the next stage. However also this will be happening inside the stage in the little things to do with each part of the business and how those strategies are implemented in terms of the way the parts manifest through the sub-stages.

How this stage is managed and maintains its growth in the market determines in effect if the business will keep growing so it can continue with its success sufficiently enough to carry it into the next stage. All of this for the business progression is naturally a gradual process as it is with all of the stages in its life cycle.

The main key is tracking your business plan and strategies in the respective charts—and noting what part needs attending to or what innovation and creativity can be applied further to keep its momentum of growth and expansion going. Another key factor is to maintain plotting out ahead of time from the chart the stage and its sub-stages progress and referring to your notes on interpretation of the zodiacal trails for each stage and what you have written down regarding results and improvements.

What to note in the Growth Stage

The key factors to note in the growth stage are virtually the same process as in the standard guidelines given in the 1st stage and incidentally is the same guidelines for all the stages except Jupiter’s wisdom tells us a lot about how to approach and make the most of this stage in what is learnt in the experiences via way of opportunities for growth and the resulting gains.

What can be of assistance in determining the type of opportunities is tracking the sub-stages in relation to their sub ruling planets and where they are in the chart and the zodiacal trails they make.

The sub-theme ruling planet of this stage can be found by noting what planets connect with Jupiter and its traditional house and sign. The leading planet of the relationship trail and the product and marketing trails also will have a bearing on the determining the sub-theme planet. Also note the sign and planet connected with its financial house and parts of it and the natural planetary ruler of the 2nd and 9th and even the 12th houses for opportunity growth.

Note things that come under Jupiter’s rule and correspondences. This is a time for extending the business values in its 9th house and Sagittarian and Pisces links and utilizing the transits of Jupiter over the time as it passes through each house and sign which occurs around every 12 months. Note where Jupiter is in both charts and if you like the business solar return chart for the next 2 or 3 years ahead to get a look at the big picture and plant the seeds—meaning where it is heading for those years and however long until the next stage.

Also the business parts use as a wise choice in what you do in relation to the houses of the business. Look at each chart where the business growth potential is the strongest—and to the other parts of the business which it also connects and you see has an opportunity on offer as Jupiter does present benefit but wisdom needs to be employed as to making the right decision and taking the best course of action. The aspects of Jupiter and to it will tell you in such case.

Note the signs ruling the cusp of the house Jupiter is in, also the Decan and the 2.5° duad rulers. Note any other main aspects that link indirectly to Jupiter—the house the sign of Sagittarius is on and where the ninth house sign natural planetary rulers are as supporting indications of what and where opportunities for growth will occur.

Also note any significant transits of Jupiter that are due throughout the year in terms of the part of the business that they relate to and what planets are involved.

Astro ActivityModule Four/Day 4 - Activity


2nd Stage Plotting and Synthesis

a) Download a Business Stages Worksheet 1/Module 4/Day 4/2nd Stage

b) For this activity plan out your second stage in the same fashion as you did in the first stage.

Note any significant factors in the charts that you believe have a bearing upon the second stage growth factor with respect to your particular business and its products and other parts.

Finally do a synthesis/interpretation in the space provided in the form that covers an approximate time frame of this stage. That is things to note in regards to pinpointing various planets and transits also that indicate transition times within the stage and the phases of the sub-stages ruling planets which determine further how the business can grow and meet all the second stage requirements for its success.

Note: it is worth investigating also at what point the astrological Jupiter return cycle of 12 years has in relation to your Natal and registered business chart as well. As that may also have their correspondence with the particular second stage time frame and therefore will be much stronger with a lot more happening regarding that stage.



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