Lesson Icon 1d - CopyDay 5: The Zodiacal Trail of the Business Maturity Stage


The maturity stage signifies a time when the business now receives recognition and becomes established as an authority in its field with all systems performing well. At this point there is a good client base and relationships in all three departments of communications, and alliances, and social role, are solid and stable with sales turning over okay and good results being attained from the process working on its own momentum. The business continues to produce reliable profit revenue and borrowing may not be necessary.

At this level you could say the creative skills of the business have been well applied and become a cornerstone in which the different parts of it give it a strong market position and the sense that things have stabilized.

The astrological ruling planet for the maturity stage is the Sun. It represents good management skills in all parts of the business which has happened as a result of management learning curve and experience taking place throughout the previous two stages. The owner(s) and business entity itself have reached a sense of achievement and growth which really stems from the businesses underlying creative strengths and goals of the owner and team becoming realized.

In the business world the Sun is the embodiment of creative entrepreneurship. It’s the natural ruler of the fifth house and Leo and bestows a natural ability to be a shining example, and therefore in the business sense it’s a sense of creative power. It represents the essential nature and vital aspects that run not only the business itself but also the vital parts of its stages. It’s very much connected with the essential core qualities and foundation principles of the owner and or group that stem from the initial stages of when the inspiration and ideals of starting a business up were first conceived. As the Sun represents the individual part of our nature, it also represents the uniqueness and individual characteristics of the business as it stands out apart from other business within its industry.

Main Points of the Maturity Stage

The keys to this stage is determining where the sun is located in the chart—the natural planetary ruler of the sign the sun is in—and the particular house of the business they are in, as this will reflect as an essential part in the overall duration of the maturity stage. As in each stage the zodiacal trail needs of the sun and the natural ruling planet of the sign it’s in will tell you a lot about the stage—and also the trails from the other planets and the stages sub-ruling planets which are:

The sub-stages for the Sun are:

1st sub-stage: Sun/saturn

2nd sub-stage: Sun/jupiter

3rd sub-stage: Sun/sun

4th sub-stage: Sun/pluto

* Note the suns position and divide the house up into lots of 2.5° duads for its respective stages in order to note the bigger picture of the signs and houses in the chart—the same as you did in doing the sub-stages and their planetary rulers before in the previous two stages.

The progressed Sun moves about 1 degree per year, which means for a duad its around 2.5 years so it’s a good indicator of what the business will encounter in terms of its management and authority maturity in a stage over the years. It’s worth noting the significant times when the business is due for a coming to the fore so to speak such as for example when the sun is changing sign, or house, or crossing one of the main angles, and or any conjunctions or major aspects starting to form to it—as all the above will show the type of changes and growth in the maturity sense of the parts of the business.

Other things to look out for are prominent trails and connections to other planets and their signs natural ruling planets and the decan ruler and the 2.5° sub rulers.
In addition the solar return chart for the business will give you an update on the yearly trends and patterns as shown by the planets and their positions in the chart.

Astro ActivityModule Four/Day 5 - Activity



  3rd Stage Plotting and Synthesis

a) Download the worksheet: Module 4/ Day 5/ Stage 3

b) Note the positions of the Sun in both foundation and registered business charts to begin with—and then look at its progressed position and solar return position by house and its sign natural planetary ruler and determine from that what parts of the business will benefit from using the Suns authority and what it represents regarding the mature stage of your business in regards to the type of business it is.

c) As the Sun represents the sense of self in its traditional astrological role note any significant aspects or planets which may be contacting the sun in your foundation chart and the business register chart and see if there is any links from them to your natal chart. If so note that as well, as it can be an important factor on a personal and owner level in management of self-maturity in connection with your business at this stage.

d) Do the zodiacal trails for the sun and the sign it’s in natural ruling planet and from them
fill in the interpretation part of the form noting the key points that stand out in the stage.
The sun represents authority and leadership so the mature stage can also be a good time for selling the business at its high point.

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