• Day 2: The Vertex Axis in a Business

    The vertex axis in astrology is another celestial point which can play a significant part in the chart. It’s not commonly recognized as much as a planet and is really a theoretical point however it is not to be denied as it does have significant influence when it comes to observation regarding the particular areas that the axis is found in the chart. The vertex is the main point to note and the anti-vertex which is simply the opposite point is, more of a supporting point you could say as it’s not so noticeable as the vertex point.

    The vertex axis is regarded as an axis of the destiny similar to the moons nodes however its meaning does not have anything to do with the moon. It has to do with the natural planetary rulers of the sign on the parts of the business in which the axis is located. More often than not it connects with others in some in relation to the business. Relationships can play a significant role when the axis is activated by conjunction or opposition aspect in particular. Those are the times, which indicate to take action in your business to instigate connections with the other people or party which you come into contact with at those particular times.

    If no action is taken it can symbolize a waste of an opportunity as quite often this particular axis reveals connection with destiny which in this case means the destiny of the business. So to find out more about the axis is in your business charts note the sign that it comes under, and what parts of the business the natural planets of the sign are in—as they will have a direct connection with the parts in which the axis runs. Also note the decan rulers and the 2.5 degree duad rulers, as they will furthermore define the type of energies and activities that can support those parts of the business with the vertex and anti-vertex in.

    Once again the vertex axis has its progressions and transits which will indicate the particular parts of the business in focus at the present time and by examining the progressions and the transits to the progressed Vertex will clarify. Furthermore, if any transiting planets are in close conjunction or coming up to close conjunction, then it can very well indicate a time when to take action regarding the particular things to do for the business in relation to the connections made with others, as defined by the transiting planet that conjuncts the vertex and the particular business house it’s in for the activities and the house the sign on the cup rules which has the vertex in as well.

Astro ActivityModule Eight/Day Two - Activity


Plotting the Business Vertex Axis

a) Note down where the vertex is in both your business and your registered business chart by its natal and progressed position.

b) Determine what parts of the business from the house the vertex is in which you believe the type of connections are regarding the vertex natural planetary rulers of the sign it’s in.

c) Do some future progressions for the vertex and note the parts of the business in which it comes into.

*Note the progressed Vertex does not travel very far in a lifetime however if you look at the business lifespan, say for 20 or 30 years, you will be able to assess the signs it passes through belonging to the business houses during that time.

d) When you have all that information do a one or two paragraph interpretation for what you believe would be suitable plans to make regarding the Vertex assisting other parts of the business especially when a transiting planet makes a conjunction aspect to it.


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