• Day 1: DNA in the Business Chart

    The DNA and vertex of business are two additional celestial theoretical parts that had been included due to how they can also be a useful influence in the business operations. The life cycle of these is not so important as is the significant times when major transits happen to them in the business charts.


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    DNA is an additional celestial object that can be brought up in the business charts by logging onto Astro.com and in the space bar under celestial objects on the “astro data” page, type in the number “55555”. Other astrological software may not have it in which case what you’ll need to do is record it by hand in your other charts after you find out its position using the Astro.com software.

    DNA meaning has its significance even without its being connected to astrology and business. However, when it is used in the business chart its meaning has a lot to do with the DNA of the business and indicates a strong connection which can be vary according to what type of business it is. DNA has certain points of interest which can be important for understanding further the business—for example the business as a family, and the type of path the business re-creates, or connections related to the business as in relation to the business roots and its true source of success or inspiration and mission goals. It can also represent the building blocks in terms of the type of activities to do with the particular area of the business in which DNA is located in both charts, and other attributes such as where the re-creation and regeneration of parts of the business into new form can be employed.

    In one sense or another where DNA is in the two charts in particular indicates a creative power as defined by the natural ruling planet of the sign on the cusp of the house it’s in and the natural ruling planet of the house itself it’s posited in, that the business should utilize and do as much as possible to further develop.

    Noting the transits of the DNA can pinpoint times when the particular part of the business DNA can be noticeable by aspect from other planets in other parts of the business relating to the transiting DNA. It may not in all cases play a significant role but most certainly can play a quiet role in the background in supporting the business. To find out the roots of DNA see what its zodiacal trail reveals and also by noting the planet that rules the decan of the degree it’s in, and the 2.5° duad ruler wherever they are in the charts will be supporting parts that can also be included in the DNA strand of the business.

Astro ActivityModule Eight/Day One - Activity


Plotting the Business DNA

a) First note down the position of DNA in both your foundation and business registered chart and also your natal chart and solar return chart for that year. While the two business charts will be the ones to focus on mainly, it does also help to see what correspondences exist between the natal chart as well, while the solar return chart will be significant in terms of what can be focused on for that year, or whatever you choose to further track and plot the business DNA. in other solar return years.

b) Next to do a series of progressions which will indicate any major changes and events such as when the DNA enters a new sign for example, or is on the cusp of a new part of the business, or any types of significant aspects to the DNA from other planets that concur with other planets and it in the business life cycle.

c) Then from that compile a one or two paragraph interpretation which corresponds with the business parts and its activities in which DNA is in which you create a plan that allows you to focus on development and establishing the roots of the business further and greater benefit for its path and guidance.


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