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In today’s society there is an accepted awareness that the human makeup has in one guise or another, a personality, soul and spiritual nature. These distinct types of expressions are becoming more and more realized because of the advances not only in science and technology but also in areas of human philosophical thought and metaphysical understandings.

The science of astrology is one body of knowledge that has developed a system which has over time grown amicably and fortunately it now allots to the planets a threefold expression in order to cater for the growing awareness of these subtle electromagnetic forces pertaining to the personality, and soul, and spiritual expressions of the consciousness of humanity. It does well to remember that to a practitioner of astrology the planets are really representative of different psychological forces operating which pertain to the collective archetypal subconscious patterns of humanity.

So how do you come to know and recognize one planets energies as distinct from another. The planets symbolize the “what” of astrology. You look at a planet in your chart say first and you ask yourself what type of energy is it. You look at its symbolical makeup which will tell you in part but also to observe and identify more what the various qualities and levels associated with that planet’s electromagnetic forces are it’s important to observe and study yourself and others in terms of behavior patterns—such as response and endeavor and all the other human traits and characteristics we are known to exhibit and with that information you will steadily be able to build up a planets profile.

This makes it very easy then to identify the different types of energies and classify them into a particular one type of main energy and allot a name to it such as the name of a “planet” for example whose power manifests as distinct patterns of human nature.

A planets force has degrees you could say in which its rays are felt and expressed and recognized according to a plane of consciousness. The planets energy on the spiritual plane of consciousness for example is much more subtle in its expression and can reveal itself in a different form and yet it can still be recognized as the same planet however with a different expression. Once again in order to discover what the different expressions of a planet are on a particular plane of matter you need to start building an awareness of it up and identifying things and qualities to do with that plane of consciousness that correspond with its archetypal blueprint.

On the soul level a planets correspondence is more related to a unity and love and individual expression and soul purpose, to name a few traits according to its nature, which in turn that type of energy then becomes transduced down into energies whose expression actually become the vehicle of consciousness which manifests as the personality.

For clarity’s sake the meaning of “personality” in this course is referred to as being composed of the three levels of matter of the physical, and emotional or astral, and mental conditions. The reason being the personality is the mask and appearance value of who we are. When we look at our self objectively or someone else for instance, these three conditions are the ones most obvious and as such they are so linked together as to be inseparable. One condition is not without the other. Whereas for the soul and spiritual bodies it takes a more subtle and higher mind awareness to perceive and recognize those energies within us as they do not fit within the boundaries of personality however they can be expressed through the personality. So the key to identifying a planets expression as a more powerful reality is those levels—with the aim to make the planet a threefold expression of one unimpeded uniform flow of consciousness.

Some other time there will be an “addon” about the planes of consciousness but for now it's just important to know how a planets function has these three levels. In this course you'll also find that the reference to the planets does not have a negative and positive connotation as applies solely in personality centred astrology, which is these days not really enough. To really understand ones whole being it becomes necessary to identify and make use of the energies of one’s spiritual and soul and personality consciousness which makes for a much better and more evolved life and purpose on the physical plane.

Below is a link to download your “Astrological Table for Planetary Interpretation” which shows each planets keyword phrase with their corresponding natural house, and sign, and levels of consciousness. Note how some of the planets change their polarity and meaning according to their ruling sign and by level. Also you'll note how some of the signs traditional planets have been replaced with other planets. To explain why this is the case please read the explanation given in small print explaining about those particular signs whose. planets have been substituted.

For example the sign of Taurus has Venus as the personality ruler however Vulcan as ruling both the soul and spiritual levels. In esoteric western version of astrology is based on Greek and Roman mythology, Vulcan has been nominated as the esoteric ruler, however either which way you look at it the essential meaning of this sign is the "art of crafting something of great value and beauty into form" and this can apply just as much to the spiritual form as well as the physical form, no matter what culture, so Neptune has been given rulership on the soul level and the nodes rulership on the spiritual level signifying  the artful crafting of  creative power.

The Elements

While we are doing the crosses now is a good time to also include the Elements which are commonly referred to as “Earth” and “Water” and “Fire” and “Air” and which stand for the physical and emotional and mental and spiritual composition of matter. I’d like to add here there is also a 5th element called the “akasha” which is the ethers of the infinite cosmic sky and is what the other elements are created from and contain as part of their sub-atomic forces, however it’s not officially recognized as a part of astrological practice so we won’t be going into it except to say it doesn’t belong to either one particular sign or triplicity but rather it encompasses what I like to describe as the most subtlest element of each of the signs and a triplicity as a whole and also is applied to the crosses as well.

There are a number of key points that need to be considered when observing and including the elements as part of your interpretation synthesis.

First the natural order element astrological pattern runs as follows: Each sign belongs to a triplicity which is made up of three signs of the same element. Also each element in varying densities of matter is what makes up in part the basic sub-atomic elemental structure for each plane of consciousness.

So for example the Earth element is not just solely confined to the physical nature of reality. It represents the densest form of matter on a plane of consciousness. On the astral plane it’s the form and most solid aspect of feelings and the emotional currents of behavour, whereas on the mental plane it’s the type of thoughts we have that are practical and carry substance and are of a solid thinking nature. On the spiritual plane it’s the form or heaviest aspect of the spiritual forces of one’s nature. So while the keyword for the element of Water for example does represent feelings and emotions it also has its sub-elements made up of the other elements, and the same applies to the other elements with each having their sub-elements made up of the other elements also.

While the planes of consciousness have their sub-planes and all interact, so to do the elements—so on the physical plane for example we see the elements all operating as in the seasons and climate, while on the astral they are expressed as different feelings we have about things physical, and spiritual, and how we feel about thoughts, and even feelings about feelings such as sentiment for example, or any other of the whole gamut of the emotional world dimensions—and the same thing applies to the mental and spiritual aspects of our life, where the concepts and higher states of mind are realized in different formats of the creative forces of the elements and their existence.

Some all-round keywords for each element are:

  • Earth: form, practical, stable, solid, dependable, of substance,
  • Water: fluid, sensitive, magnetic, receptive, imagery,
  • Air: logical, to refine, communicate, extensive, conceptual,
  • Fire: dynamic, electric, energetic, illuminating,


In essence each sign contains both polarities. That is its “ying” and “yang” element or masculine and feminine forces or principles of nature, however it can be that one polarity can appear to predominate at one time or another, so conveniently the signs have been accorded a polarity based on their element and complimentary opposite sign. The arrangement in the natural order is that “Water and Earth signs express or share a predominant “feminine or negative” polarity, while the signs with the element of “Air and Fire” express a predominate “positive or masculine” polarity force. It does well to remember however that all things are subject to change and this does apply to the electromagnetic polarities of a sign and planets expression and the things that come under a house rulership as well.

So with the signs polarities you will notice in the table you download in this module of the natural order of the signs with their elements and polarities, how the design of the astrological pattern shows a balanced interweaving of sign and element and polarity—and clearly if you take a look at your natural order chart you have been working on of the 12 signs—it defines a beautiful depiction of the triplicities and quadruplicities harmoniously arranged expressed mathematically and aesthetically as the products of the numbers 3 and 4 where opposite signs share the same polarity and signs at right angles share the same quality.

Astro ActivityModule Two/Day 2 - Activity

*  Download your “Astrological Table of Keywords and Planetary levels”

* In your “Natural order chart” fill in the signs polarities and elements.

*As you can see in the table each sign has its designated natural order spiritual, and soul, and personality, planetary rulers. With the table of additional celestial bodies it’s probably better to wait to fill it in until after you do module twelve which covers everything regarding the extra celestial bodies and from that you’ll be able to decide what ones of your own choice you want to add.



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