Lesson Icon 1d - CopyDay 1: Astrological Foundation Principles

The astrological foundation principles are an astrological code to live by. They are important keywords which form the basis for acquiring the ability to do any type of chart interpretation to the point where they become like a chart motto for delivering good results.

These foundation principles are powerful qualities for higher mind identity and really can serve as keys to use in any department of life as they sort of form a complete way of getting through something from beginning to end. They are the initial building blocks to start off with in creating a clear and quick way of identifying the various main components of your charts many parts. The keywords are designed to suit the combined meaning of a planet, and sign, and its house and as such they become a good set of keyword phrases to get a first assessment and feel for your chart. The numbers and keywords can be mixed around and put together to make a better interpretation as we shall see in the example below.

Foundation Principles

When remembering these keywords it helps to connect them with the number they are associated with and as we go through the rest of this module, with the numbers corresponding sign and house planetary rulership. Also these keywords are based on the natural order chart that once this system is learnt can be applied to any chart you want to do an interpretation for.

For example, say the sign of Scorpio is on the cusp of the first house which also makes it the rising or ascendant sign as well. In the natural order chart we see the sign Scorpio corresponds with house number eight. Going back to our list of foundation principles we look at number one which symbolizes the first house, and number eight and putting the two together we can say then that “transformation” is obtained and of the kind through applying personal action in self “initiative and leadership skills”.

*note: In day two of this module there is an “astrological table of interpretation” which has all the astrological associations.

Foundation Principles keywords

  1. Initiate and Lead
  2. Value
  3. Communicate
  4. Nurture
  5. Create
  6. Serve
  7. Relate
  8. Transform
  9. Educate
  10. Attain
  11. Social/Philanthropic
  12. Spiritualize

Astro ActivityModule Two/Day One - Activity


In your natural order chart starting from the first house cusp line extend each house cusp line out beyond the outer circumference of the circle so as they look like the arms of a ships steering wheel as shown in the example below and then go around and in each arm in the space on the outside of the wheel write down the astrological foundation principle keyword that corresponds with each house.


Module 2 Natural Order Chart of the Twelve Astrological Foundation PrinciplesTwelve Keyword Foundation Principles and Natural Order Chart



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