Lesson Icon 1d - CopyDay 4: The Twelve Houses


The houses are the areas of life that make up the range of things we do on earth to make life what it is and becomes. The houses go from 1 to 12, in the same order as the signs and they usually take up the largest space in the astrological mandala. A house does not just describe one activity. You will find there are quite a range of activities associated with one house which takes time to learn all the different activities within each area of life. However that's why we have the keyword phrases as they cover the basic foundation meanings of each area of life as a core value.

The houses are the “where” question you ask for the “what” (planet) and the “how” (sign). The sign on the cusp and any planets in the house indicate the energies which are typically connected in expression and relationship to do with an the house activities. The houses in the natural order chart have a link by association with their complimentary opposite house and also in relation to other houses from the aspects of planets in them. For example you have the main house selected to do with something you want to find out about your relationship, let’s say house 11 which social relations comes under—so you start from that area and in the process of doing the zodiacal trail you discover your social relations are linked to a planet in the 7th house of partnerships.

In module 4 “Interpretation methods” we will be doing zodiacal trails but for now the houses is what we want to establish as astrological foundation points for classifying activities in order that one can see one’s life in actual physical material reality, not only more clearly in one area, but also to be more creative with it and grow as a result of house interrelations.

It's linking the three keywords of “what” and “how” and “where” in the chart that makes the learning of interpretation technique easy from the start. So for example if we put those keywords together into a sentence say about a person’s personality expression and the way they come across and appear to others, who has the planet Mercury in the sign of Scorpio in the first house. We would say this person finds their self-identity undergoes transformation when they are communicating or through channels of communication such as public speaking for example.

It can be difficult to interpret the exact meaning of the house because each one has a number of different activities connected with it. So it becomes up to recognizing what type of activity it is and which house it fits with best first of all and then tracing or linking that activity to other ones in the other houses.

Astro ActivityModule Two/Day 4 - Activity


(a) In your natural order chart fill in each signs three decans in the 2nd ring out from the centre and then in the next ring with the three larger spaces, using your astrological table of interpretation fill in the “personality” and “soul” and “spiritual” planets that go with each sign.

(b) In Google search type in “astrological house meanings” (include the quotation marks as well) and from that compile a list of suitable key activities which make up each of the houses. Later on you will be using them for reference in relation to some of the activities in the other modules.

For further information on the houses here is a link that gives the common basics of the houses activities you may find of interest. It does pay to also browse other astrology sites that give definitions of the houses as then you can get a good list of the different activities that come under each house.

* Please note however that there is a lot of information on houses that has many different activities assigned to each which you will find differs with different astrologers as to the house which rules the activity. Some of the descriptions are out dated in this day and age especially words mentioned from some of the old astrological texts. Even so each house does have its basic generic meaning which is generally recognized to be accepted by astrologers all over. The key is once you have a good general knowledge of the main things that come under an area of life, then apply creative astrology and observe for yourself, and use your own ideas and experiment to see what activities suit a house better. You will find that some will fit a few houses and link in with others also. That way you can compile a list that you can rely on and use for future chart work as you go along.