• Day 3: Celestial Additions of Interest

     Here are three additional celestial objects that were picked out of the astrological names list which I’ve chosen to include because they are well known names of interest which can have a range of different meanings. I will just describe their basic meaning as it shouldn’t be too much trouble to work out your own interpretation based on any research you do regarding these supportive astrological features. Also the validity of astrology as we know works because of the information collected from everyone’s observations over time who learn and use it in some way—so anything you do discover about new things that can help support astrology, make a point to record or note it down and if you feel inclined add your interest to the storehouse of information already available on astrology for everyone to use.

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    DNA is the number “55555” in the list of names. In itself the amount of fives is enough to tell us certain things already about its significance, plus there are some other keywords for DNA which resonate also in the chart no matter what the area or sign it’s in.

    Here is a short paragraph explaining about what a DNA chart is that I have on my site which describes one aspect of its meaning.
    DNA Chart: “A special chart again for tracing ones soul roots. The scope of this chart reading goes beyond one’s biological DNA roots. These charts denote a past flavour of companionship but are more so related to one’s soul group, or certain friendships, or spiritual guides which reveal things in common, (sometimes even future events) between souls who at certain times meet while on a similar path, and remembered for something special about them that endures. Hence the chart is used to further develop and explore ones DNA connections.”

    There’s a lot that can still be studied on this energy yet and the more information on it the merrier, however for now some of the things in creative astrology I’ve found DNA refers to is: roots of one’s true source, tracing the roots of an area of life that it’s in, connections, inherited skills, guidance, part of creation, regeneration of character traits into a new form, building blocks of one’s life, and genetic recreation. As you can see most of those words are main focal words for describing DNA even without the astrological connotations, so if you summarize them in essence the interpretation of DNA is that it relates to “creation of some sort.”

    Here again it pays to further study its particular energies unique to you, you need to note in your chart the area of life it’s in, and the natural ruling planet of the sign on its cusp, and the aspects, and any planets in the area of life where DNA is—plus doing a DNA zodiacal trail will yield more information about what its particular forces are in your chart.

    Also nowadays it’s been reported by science that we can actually change our DNA through things like magnetic field resonance, and higher mind awareness techniques, and maintaining a healthy diet of nutrients at the quantum level, so using it in astrology is very much a useful way to achieve greater resonance with its powers.

    If you want to go deeper and discover more about DNA in your chart then you really need to do a “DNA foundation chart and progressed chart for it” What we can surmise so far is that DNA is a “creative power” which makes it a type of transforming force because its nature deals with the very essential makeup of something at the cellular level.

    One thing to remember about a DNA is that it’s not necessarily related to one’s biological family it goes a lot deeper and further that. Also remember each planet comes under the law correspondences and this is no exception to the celestial bodies, so the things and events which denote its nature will have their physical, and emotional, and mental, and spiritual plane correspondences.

    The key to DNA is in the area of life it’s in a chart and the natural planetary ruler of the sign it’s in, plus any aspects it makes and further research you do on it.

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    The number for gold in the long list of names is 4955. Gold is another name whose meaning everyone is familiar with on one level or another. It resonates from the material physical plane in terms of wealth all the way through to spiritual wealth and that’s one of the reasons why I include it in chart readings. The very word itself has enough power to connect to the subtle subconscious forces related to one’s wealth both inner and outer.

    Here again about its nature and strength leave room for further inquiry based on investigating it in the chart and noting the various astrological indications of it by doing a “gold zodiacal trail,” and its connection with the ruling and other planets by sign and house and aspect. Ultimately the keyword for gold is the heart, and vitality, and life force of something, or someone or whatever it has in its meaning for you. And this can be found in its house position especially in your natal chart and its progressions and transits.

    Some other keywords from out of the dictionary that relate to gold are: highly esteemed, a valuable resource, vital and special, wealth of all sorts, the highest type of spiritual illumination, a gift or special talent the person has and needs to be put to use, a promise of insurance, a high quality of wealth, beauty, intelligence, and to furnish a security of wealth.

    So here again we see the keyword is “wealth” in one form or another. It symbolizes empowerment and has always been associated with the sun and kings and a valuable resource of lasting worth and security in the financial aspects of it. So there’s a lot about gold which can be added to the list of astrological additions and gold can most certainly be one of the one’s that does show results. Wherever it is in your chart—in essence this celestial subconscious force symbolizes the gold at the end of the rainbow—a gift of buried treasure—and something rare and special for you.

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    Galactic Centre

    The Galactic centre is another celestial body that is favoured by some astrologers especially in sidereal astrology as it plays a prime part in being the focal point for our Milky Way system of which our solar system and the planets are part of. The energies coming through the Galactic centre which is at approx 27° Sagittarius with its natural house the 9th house, are very, very strong and they have their importance in terms of esoteric meaning. So even though it doesn’t play a well-known role in astrology across the board—the Galactic centre in a focal point in the chart and especially if it’s conjunct a planet and is prominent to an angle, then it can most certainly have in its meaning distinct electromagnetic forces which can be further developed and utilized to add extra significance in your chart regarding that area of life it’s in.

    Some of the things the Galactic centre can represent on an individual level are: the inpouring of new energies, a highly focused mind, and higher awareness states and dimensions beyond the normal. As a side effect it can also indicate an intake of energies far beyond what one really requires or needs at the time to have. It can over vitalize and yet at the same time it can expand the mind and raise the consciousness tremendously due to its being in the sign of the seeker and connected with Jupiter and the personality expression, and on the soul level the Earth, and the spiritual level Mars as a dynamic dedicated force.

    For more about how the Galactic centre energies can be channeled constructively noting the type of connections it makes in the chart will tell you a great deal about the nature of this celestial force and also where the aims you have in life are regarding the activities of the area of life it’s found in each chart and its zodiacal trail and what the sign on the cusp of the ninth is and where its natural planetary ruler is in your chart.

    It’s the last decan of Sagittarius which means Leo and the sun’s energies are involved, and the duad sub-planet is at around that degree, either Venus or Pluto—so in any case if it is prominent in your chart it means you have extra energies you should well worth investigate and cultivate and integrate.

Astro ActivityModule Twelve/ Day Three - Activity


Watch the 3rd video on additional objects and then add “Gold” and “DNA” and the "Galactic Centre" to your chart and do a one paragraph interpretation on each. Note the house and sign on the cusp for both of them and the signs natural planetary ruler—the house it’s in—and any prominent aspects as well that link to each celestial object that you see stand out.


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