• Day 1: Types of Celestial Objects

    Additional celestial bodies refers to any number of different types of energies which exist within the collective psyche of the mind in terms of astrological correspondence to myth and legend and one’s inventiveness and creative resources within them.

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    Selecting Additional Objects

    Additional celestial objects have been added as it invites further exploration into describing different parts of astrology. It looks at the other types of electromagnetic forces that symbolize human behavior and expression which have their place in the subconscious.

    The aim is to use them when you want to find out more about parts of you which you may not yet know about or new creative powers within you which can further give you greater self-identity and also to choose ones that appeal to you or you connect with in some way—especially the ones you notice once you see them in your chart that stand out. They are the ones to experiment with and study, and observe their electromagnetic forces and build them up so they become extra energies and a part of you that you can employ whenever the occasion calls for it.

    The key to “Celestial Objects” is to treat them as a fun game to explore your chart and you can use to add them whenever and play around with. They are an important part of astrology and are used by many astrologers, however because they are outside the main group of planets they are really up to the individual’s choice in using them. Having said that they have their purpose and most certainly are relevant, especially the fixed stars and the asteroids which both are used quite commonly in today’s astrology.

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Watch the video 1st then go to https://www.astro.com/ and click on the “my astro” page—your natal chart—and then the extended chart tab at the bottom of the page to arrive at the “extended chart selection page.” Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you come to the window on the left hand side with the heading “additional objects,” and all the extra stars and asteroids listed as well.

Underneath you’ll also notice where you can pull up “additional objects, asteroids, and fixed stars” The asteroids are the gods and goddesses in mythology and for further information on them simply do a google search for their meaning to find out what they each symbolize. This will help you then choose one's at different times that can show further things in the chart to with an area of your life for example, and different connections with your feelings, or higher mind awareness, or spiritual nature, or particular events on the physical plane, or something in particular you want to further discover in relation to a planet for example and some aspect of yourself.

If you want to choose more than one, just use “ctrl” and scroll down and highlight the ones in blue. After you've done the rest of the things you want to your chart then click on it and you will see in the chart where the celestial objects are positioned. By noting what area of life each is in plus any planets they aspect with and the sign on the cusp, and where its natural planetary ruler is in the chart, can all tell you a lot about the identity and meaning of what the celestial body means to you and the type of energies to utilize in that area of life. Also it does help to do a bit of research on the celestial body mythology in order to give you some background information—even if its outdated it can be supportive in some ways, however here again you’ll probably have to sort through it and only take what you find is useful and believe is relevant to you in terms of if the information seems to fit in with the celestial body meaning in your chart.

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