• Day 4: Personal Selection of Objects

    In this module we are going to logon to astro.com and have some fun in enjoying playing around with extra celestial objects by choosing five names from the large list of asteroid names they have some of which you may find appealing and like to use for a purpose in mind or to obtain a specific result.

    You will notice some of the names come from mythological lore, while a lot are family names and therefore can have their corresponding significance in the chart in connection with perhaps some tracing of your roots in a particular area, while other names you may find have a correspondence in connection with friends or other departments of your life. Some names and mythological meanings can elicit very subconscious type awareness’s which can be powerful under currents relating to desire manifestations and all sorts of forces within the subconscious. As a result they can be useful for empowerment awareness or helping to determine direction and getting to know the hidden parts of one self and connecting to the larger universal collective matrix.

    When going through the list there’s a number of ways to go about it. For example, it helps to use intuition. If you’re looking for something in particular you may see a name that suddenly stands out and grabs your attention, or alternatively with other names you may have a liking for them at random and for no particular reason other than just to see where it ends up in your chart. At times the names of asteroids can have a correspondence with things in your life you may be working on or want to find out about and they can provide solution to a problem or message through their symbolism and place in the chart. For example if you write fiction you may find names ideally suited to use in your story plot. In anything that does appeal to in some way make a list of all of them and from that list narrow it down to a few that really top the list.

    The thing to bear in mind is that you are in fact connecting with those names and the undercurrent energies of them and forming a sort of contact with whatever things that they bring into your mind and you connect with in your subconscious. So the key here is to not put too many names in your chart at once, as it can become a little overwhelming. Start off with perhaps one or two and just when you get the inclination to do it—and build on the name meanings first by finding out about it both in the chart and in real life, and what it’s significance if any, it has for you until it has been integrated and worked out what it means in relation to something in regards to your life. It may be some names turn out to not have any real significance at all, while others may be a forecast of something ahead, or perhaps a message or clue about something important your working on, while other names may have other points of meaning and value in your life.


Astro ActivityModule Twelve/ Day Four - Activity

 *Note: To do this activity it’s the same process as was shown how to do in video 3 of this module.

So now log on to https://www.astro.com/ —click on my astro—select your name—on the page that comes up scroll down to the extended chart selection tab and click on that—on the extended chart selection page fill in all the details that you want to put in your chart and when you come to the bottom of the page click on the big file that has all the asteroids and names list.

As you can see it’s a big file which does take some time to go through it all. Next when you find a name or so that you like check mark it in the check box and it will appear in the window back on your extended chart page. Then all that’s left to do is click on the button to bring your chart up and see what surprises it reveals by noting the areas and sign, and where its ruling planet is (the dispositor) and any aspects and anything else you see further stands out and support and tells you more about what you've chosen.


Sunrise Earth 5


Great news ! you've made it to the finish line. It's quite a lengthy course and you've done well to get through it all, congratulations.

Use what you've learnt so far from it to further build and extend your astrology knowledge both in theory and practice to take you to new horizons and further fulfillment of your life.

If you're interested in pursuing your astrology path further and have or are thinking of starting up a business then the other shorter course on " How to use astrology to make your business more successful" may interest you , otherwise other short courses and addons will be put up onsite as they come up which you'll receive notice about in the H.M.A / Astrology newsletter when they do.

Also if you would like private tuition in astrology further or coaching just contact me and let me know what you would like to do.

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