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Minor Aspects

There are a series of minor aspects which are more for being aware that they exist as minor building blocks in terms that they are smaller links in between the main aspects. The minor aspects basically fill up each 30° division of the 360° Astrological compass. They are not so popular and really the energies are very difficult to pick up on as they are weaker. There are a lot of different energies of sub atomic matter which are interacting altogether so it can be very difficult to actually distinguish these type of aspects and what the planetary combination of energies are at the time even when transits are passing through. At best we can say that the minor aspects indicate the course of the planet on its journey and the natural increase in energy as it builds up to a major aspect as the currents of energy do not remain at one constant state of power. It’s more of a stream of currents of energy at different degrees of power, increasing and decreasing like in graph of peaks and valleys for ever throughout the entire cycle.

So for the benefit of knowing what the minor aspects are we have at the 30° mark the semi-sextile and at the 45° mark the semi-square, followed by the 135° mark and that's called a sesquiquadrate. I personally do not use these aspects and have found it makes no difference in regards to the in between stages of the main aspects. So you may decide to leave them out or perhaps just out of curiosity’s you may want to study them to see how they work.


The quincunx is an aspect at the 150° mark and some astrologers do use it in the sense that it’s a further an energy which links with the square and further challenges however having said that I’ve found that it works both ways and even more so haven't noticed any real difference at this stage of a planets cycle as it falls in between the trine and the opposition so it doesn't stand out much. On its own without any connection to the square or trine the degrees in between is only 30° either side of the opposition which makes that energy a semi-sextile type of energy and not very prominent, so it can be left out also in interpretation if you like, unless you'd like to add a little bit more awareness in regards to how something may pan itself out before it reaches the opposition.

The key to reading aspects is not to get too bogged down in using every one of them as it can complicate the astrology and interpretation too much.

Quintile and Bi Quintile.

The quintile and bi-quintile are the 72° and 144° marks. Most astrologers agree that they are considered to be more of a soul type of experience and energy. The reasoning behind this is 72° is the number of degrees which makes up each arm of a five pointed star and a five pointed star is what is known as a symbol representing the soul and souls experiences. A quintile can indicate levels of attainment acquired by the soul levels of value and exceptional genius or benefit pertaining to that particular planets association with the other planets connecting with it and the areas of life however a lot depends on the person’s awareness and if they are constructively employing that energy.

The bi-quintile is the 144° mark whose energies manifest as a type of communication linking one soul to another. In other words two quintiles synchronize simultaneously. And quite often there seems to be a reciprocal complimentary experience that connects the souls, even though they could be across the other side of the world from each other physically. There seems to be a connection in which circumstances, or events take place where both experience a simultaneous connection in relation to the experiences which has an effect on the soul level and creates a unique link of understanding that further evolve the souls into a new experience of the kind where efforts are attained and higher awareness cultivated in relation to the planets involved in the areas of life where the bi-quintile is operative.

You may like to see where the quintiles and bi-quintiles are in your chart and note how they work in regards to the people you meet and areas of life connected with the chart, as it can be different depending on a number of other factors in real life firsthand not just the charts symbolical meaning itself. However, the chart will give you a picture that you can refer to and pinpoint down the specific type of experiences.

Astro ActivityModule Three/Day 4 - Activity 1


Note the minor aspects in your chart. Make a note only of the ones which you see may fit in. It’s not absolutely necessary to write down about all the minor aspects, but they are useful to read about and also it helps to know what the symbols are of the semi sextiles which are in green in the aspect grid, while the semi-squares are in black, and where they exist in the chart.

Activity 2

* Note where the quintiles and bi-quintiles are in your chart from the aspect grid. They are the “Q” and the “b-q” in black ink. It may be difficult to get any interpretation because of the subtle type of energy they are, so the best way is to gauge their identity by watching what happens in real life when a planet transits and connects with them by aspect, especially the conjunction and opposition which out of all of the aspects are ones that significantly stand out and trigger timely events and transformations.

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