• Day 2: Chart Types

    Chart types refer to the different types of charts that one can create and further develop ones working knowledge of charts. Different charts all have their purposes and each one needs to be looked at individually and its foundation principles established.

    The name of the chart describes the basic theme and this is what you’ll find begins to stand out and serve as the underlying basis for reading the charts parts when the chart becomes studied, and sensed, and intuited as you go along. There are different charts suited to accommodate different needs. Some are for future aims, some for a specific purpose such as relationship chart, or wealth charts, and there are different charts again to do with different types of astrology, like Galactic, and sidereal astrology charts, and mundane charts which are done for countries, and Soul, and spiritual charts, or medical astrology charts which focus on health issues, and financial and business astrology charts and graphs, or relocation maps, which are all read virtually the same according to their theme that is, however also with respect to the specific astrology type.

    There are different ways in which to interpret the chart type. Different countries have their own ways of doing their charts that most reflect the culture and historical learnings and relationships of the people, their logic, spiritual values and myths from ancient times based on superstitions and the way they viewed the heavens long ago.

    Charts are seen as a key to inner self knowledge and awareness, so understanding the story of the chart type is the next part to working on it. For example in the spiritual chart reading the planets and everything else in the chart is purely related to spirituality and the spiritual things to do with that person, or event, or whatever it may be the spiritual chart reading is for. Each house of a spiritual chart again is related to events to do with spirituality. However the things and activities in a house still have their basic meaning and yet you’ll need to look for the spiritual nature and values of the house and the way the spiritual plane energies work through a planet and a sign. As for the different aspects they don’t apply to spiritual charts on their own whereas for other type of charts they may be used if it deems so.

    Some charts support others such as foundation charts, and progressed charts and monthly charts—in all any type of chart (except for perhaps a creativity chart done purely on its own and not for any specific purpose in relation to another chart) should always be thought about in terms of its connection with the natal chart and foundation chart if your using one, when it comes to understanding further the meaning of the charts components, and how it relates and its energies work through each area of life between the charts.

    These days there are a lot of astrology sub-niches so it comes down to being creative and using those skills to explore astrology through different charts that focus on creating for example a whole chart for just a particular house or a specific topic related to a house’s activities. Doing so will result in much more awareness of the extra electromagnetic forces and powers of the charts potential and is very useful to find out more about a particular problem and its solution.

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Login to https://www.astro.com/ and in the “extended charts page” scroll down to the second heading where it says method and have a browse through some the different types of charts and also the “special charts” section that can be done and are used for different purposes.

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