• Day 1: Being Creative With The Chart

    In chart technique we take chart work one step further. We describe the different types of charts and how to do them and experiment with different charts by looking at their different designs and how each one has its own uniqueness.

    The objective in this module is to be creative with the chart and understand the techniques involved such as for example moving the planets around which is what I like to call “swinging the chart” and also to discover what the specific purpose for doing a chart is in order to understand the underlying values each different type of chart has to offer.

    Being Creative with the Chart

    Being creative with the chart develops not only one’s creative skills but also invites one to look at the chart a different way. The key value in doing these type of charts is they can be used to transform and find ways to solve problems, and make changes, and see things anew.

    The purpose is to get to see how the planets work in different charts and how they can be used to bring about better awareness in relation to the areas of life and the signs. A planet when only in its one area of life and sign narrows its meaning down, which in some cases is okay if its required but it also can put limitations on its interpretation. So to understand more about the nature of the planet it helps to move it around into other, areas of life, or a group of planets and put them into other parts of the chart as it can open doorways from its original house to the one it gets moved to. It puts a different perspective on it and helps to gain deeper insight into one’s motives and underlying reasons that may be hidden from the conscious mind about something one is seeking to find out more about.

    The same applies to the houses. They can be moved around as well to indicate a change in a particular area of life. For example moving the 10th around to the 2nd house indicates making one’s business focus on increasing its personal assets and values. It can give clues to help understand the situation regarding an area of life and things that are happening in one’s life related to the area. As mentioned a sign has all the other signs of the chart in its 30° and that also can include the keyword meaning of the house. There are many different activities to an area, so it needs to be ascertained when moving a house to another house exactly what type of activity one is trying to further develop, or understand more about, or use in some way to further improve another area of life or activity in that area.

    And the signs also they can be moved from their natural order. It can prove very interesting when you take the signs out of their natural order and put them around the chart but not in their normal sequential order. For example you might take the sign Taurus and put it opposite Sagittarius instead of its complimentary opposite sign Scorpio. Straight away the interpretation becomes a connection between the earth (Taurus) and fire element (Sagittarius) and a connecting relationship to do with producing tangible results (Taurus) and seeking to achieve one’s aims (Sagittarius). Then in addition it throws new light on the rulers Venus and Jupiter.

    Sometimes you may already have in mind a preference or choice to what sign that you want to put to what house and what planet you want to add to the mix. Other times it may be to turn it into a game of chance and play around putting them at random anywhere to find an answer or simply to see what results come up. This can bring about new discoveries about the chart with a greater resonance to its properties as you have taken it out of the parameters of its normal boundaries of symbolical meaning.

Astro ActivityModule Six/Day One - Activity


Make up some small paper planets symbols, and signs, and house numbers with their key word meanings written on them—next on a blank chart play around and experiment with them by trying out different combinations. This technique is good for opening up the mind and adding greater astrological dimension to chart awareness.


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