• Day 4: Chart Design

    Chart design is really beneficial for beautifying the charts graphics and is more of an artist’s touch. It can enhance the charts different qualities and make it come alive and look so much more aesthetically pleasing rather than just looking at the basic structure of it. In a sense a chart comes to life through one’s work on it, as the design contributes towards the interpretation and can also be instrumental when reading what needs to be looked at in the chart. Adding extra geometry, extra symbols, will give extra meaning to the chart. Some designs show the chart in a different way other than just a circle which is quite common in some cultures and also adding different aspects of geometry and images and symbols to a chart can make a big difference to its appeal.


    Module Six_Chart Design


    With graphics it’s very easy to do different style charts these days due to different software available even in Microsoft word, it adds to the charts features if you include a background graphic or a landscape for example as it can really make the image of the astrological compass wheel stand out. Anything that makes it more connected, and adds vibrancy, and give greater emphasis on the chart and its contents are great additions to chart design. Other things that can be added are wallpaper design, colours and even sounds. On astro.com it’s been recorded that the chart vibrations in terms of its harmonics in audio can enhance the design and hence the resonance with the charts sigils.

    A chart should also incorporate with it a chart legend which is what gives the chart its credibility and identifies the various details of the native who its drawn up for—such as their d.o.b and time, and place, being the three essential prerequisites for determining the accuracy of the charts inner makeup of planets and signs.

    The whole concept behind the chart is that it’s a mandala whose arrangement and properties are capable of transformation and raising consciousness to exulted states. Designing your own chart can be a rewarding experience and offer insights in further development of chart technique and being creative with your astrology.

Astro ActivityModule Six/Day Four - Activity

 If you like art, draw your chart out and try playing around with a few graphics to see what effects it has in creating a design for your chart. You may want to use a software program or draw it out by hand. The main thing is to experiment with chart modelling and for extra design ideas to get started do a google search for “astrological chart images”. Here are a couple of links about Galactic and Sidereal Astrology you may like to visit if you like to find out more about these two branches.