• Day 1: The Relationship Connection

    Synastry describes the composition and chemistry mix of one to another, or it can be if required an event, or a thing, or place, or a group even which has a similarity and connections that can be ascertained through doing charts which show the interaction between partners, or if it’s not between another person or group then simply a relationship sense in general.

    The objectives in this module is to learn how two charts interact through the planets, and signs, and houses, and from that extract a complimentary compatible interpretation regarding the mixture of the relationship in terms of each person’s own chart and their combined chart.

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    The Relationship Connection

    There are a few different types of relationship charts and the main thing is when it comes to doing them is to remember that each type is a way to fathom at heart the human natures complexities in terms of relating and connecting through each person’s individuality, whether it’s a chart for a group or as is normal just between two. If you’re doing the synastry of you and your partner’s chart for example then you would look at the synastry chart and the composite chart both from the perspective even when the charts are linked, as individuals with a chemistry mix as denoted by each and every part of the chart.

    All the planets in the mix, even though they have the same collective archetypal meaning—regardless of the aspects, if you did ten different chart pairs using your chart as one of the pairs for example, you would see the synastry (ie: meaning the blend of the two) is different for each one, because the individual mix is different each time even though one of the charts is the same all the time. The reason this is being mentioned now is because there can be a tendency when studying a “synastry chart” in particular to see the two charts together only as one chart and not as a whole chart made up of two who are unified by their coming together as individuals. As result if you follow that rule you will find that all synastry charts are not without a match, albeit in different ways that’s all. Remember the key in “Creative Astrology” chart work is to apply creative thinking to the chart and technique and interpretation.

    Charts will not commonly show the level of self-awareness between the two people, unless of course you take into account the soul and spiritual qualities of the two charts which should always be considered as well when doing relationship charts.

    Some relationship charts can have a fated theme quality about them while other relationship themes can show the areas where the relationship is most prominent in and also what things the relationship is most noticed about, and others still the theme may be hidden—which means there may be a few different elements that need combining before the theme becomes apparent.

    It is quite common to do a relationship chart for a couple, however they don’t stop there—it can be a relationship with your social group, or work partner, or relationship with your family, it can be a relationship with any one of the 12 houses of the chart. It simply needs to have a valid time and place, which can even be the time of an event or a business relationship with your own business for example. The key is to think in terms of the theme of the type of relationship chart it is first, and then follow your set guidelines and list of rules for setting up your interpretation outline as you would if you were doing one chart.

    To make it easier in the module we will just stick to the relationship charts of two people.

    The theme is the first thing as mentioned that needs to be determined about the relationship chart whether it be a composite, or a Davison or Synastry chart. Look for an area that stands out in the chart. It could be a cluster of planets within the range of 2 or 3 houses for example. Something that’s stronger than the rest and is shown to be a true definition of the type of relationship it is in real time.

    The theme solely on its own could be a relationship type business partnership; it could be to do with the sexuality of the partnership, or family, or the relationships wealth values or spiritual values. While all these are in the chart regardless there should be one which will be most prominent and that’s the one to use as your relationship theme while the other pockets will be the sub-themes which the scenes and the relationships events that unfold the story.

    So once the type of partnership chart has been determined then next is to take a closer look to see how the two way interaction of the relationships dual electromagnetic properties finds its synastry creativity and expression.

Astro ActivityModule Seven/Day One - Activity

  This activity can be done in conjunction with the each of the other day’s activities in the rest of this module. Starting from day 2 when you do a relationship chart—first off determine what the relationship theme is and then as a bit of practice in planetary level awareness using your “Astrological table of Interpretation” of planetary keywords, do a one or two paragraph interpretation for the main points of the relationship’s “personality” and “soul” and its “spiritual” expressions.

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