• Day 5: Interpretation Points

    Some additional interpretation points to note that can help further in delineating a relationship type chart are the following:

    • The crosses of the two charts. Noting the crosses of the composite chart and the relationship chart can be revealing, especially in the composite you may have a different cross for each chart and a different one again for the composite chart. You can tell you straight away about the element of the relationship in regard to each cross and also the manner in which the planets express themselves in each cross.


    • The angles: The angles also highlight an important point in relationships. The ascendant sign and its planetary ruler will show what the two people are striving to attain how each see their self-identity in the partnership and the personality and image of the relationship that they give off to others. The descendant and its natural ruling planet of the sign on its cusp will show you your relationship experiences in terms of your marriage or partnership, and encounters through connections with others of like mind or in business, things to do with social relations, contracts, negotiations and one on one connections with different people in your communication sphere, who you connect through in your relationship links and who view you as a couple or partners in some context.


    • While the MC and the natural ruling planet will indicate their social standing and the combination of work they put into the relationship in terms of their relationship avocation and their public appearance and how the public views it plus any planets in the 10th house. The IC and the sign on its cusp natural planetary ruler in the chart will show what the relationship foundation rests upon and the family concerns of the relationship such as security and a home and even the roots of your relationship and how far back your history together goes and stems from.


    • Venus and Mars: These planets are traditionally regarded as a pair. Self-drive and purpose support enrichment and life values and vice versa. In all three types of relationship charts look at Venus and Mars house positions and the natural planetary ruler of the sign they are each in and any major aspects to see how you can combine those different energies of both planets so they work into creating the types of things on each plane of consciousness for you in supporting the lifestyle you seek to live. Remember each planet has its levels so as its two planets here, not just one, their natures are considered together on a plane. Also it may be worth adding here that the higher octave of these planets are Neptune as a higher octave of Venus, and Pluto as the higher octave of Mars, however this is apparent more so when the partners in the relationship are at a level of soul infused awareness which reveals the more subtle power of those outer planets, and has integrated them sufficiently enough into their life that they have become a constructive force for them both in the relationships evolvement.


    • Any planets and houses highlighted: These points are much like interpreting as you would a normal Natal chart or another type of chart however in addition to that—interpretation consideration is also given to the significance between one specific house and the other house in each chart and one specific planet and the other planet which can make for an interesting view in both areas of life and how and what can be noticed about them that links and blends to make the mix. The highlighted parts of the chart are indicative of where the relationship has the tendency to lean towards and therefore may be the most easily identifiable in real life patterns and routines and habits—even so in all every planet has its two way street in a relationship chart because it stems from both individuals charts and needs to be considered to get a fuller understanding of the relationships values.
    • Soul and Spiritual Connections: It’s important to take a look at your relationships soul and spiritual connections and to maintain that path also because it can give added dimensions in terms of the value and deeper meaning of the relationship on those levels. If you are not sure where to start off and ascertain the relationships soul and spiritual path qualities, then refer to your table of interpretation and to the relevant planetary keywords and do a zodiacal soul and spiritual trails.


    • Aspects: The relationship level of awareness comes in here again. Definitely the personality of the relationship will be more aspect showing up to a certain level. Again the aspects in the relationship do really not have any effects when you are working on the spiritual aspects of the chart. The soul chart however the major ones can to a degree but once again it comes down to the relationships soul degree of evolvement and level of conscious awareness of both individuals. In all aspects really ought to be considered more as currents of energies that when used consciously can empower and further build the relationship with much more significance and meaning.

Astro ActivityModule Seven/Day Five - Activity

 For this activity go through your Composite, and Davison, and Synastry charts and do a one paragraph interpretation for each of the interpretation points we just covered in this module. The key here is you are looking at “what” and “how” and “where” for ways to further empower and raise the relationships flow of frequency levels and creative expression.

In each of the three charts when you do work on it remember to note down everything you discover, starting with the theme and go through each part of it systematically and use the tables and chart interpretation techniques you’ve learnt in this course and you'll have no trouble with deciphering and synthesizing them.

The Keywords to remember easy for what each type of chart represents is: a) Compatible chart=3 ie: the ideal relationship and b) The Davison or just Relationship chart=1 ie: the reality of the relationship in real time, while c) The Synastry chart=2 ie: the individual mix of each compared together.