• Day 2: The Planets Return (Part B)


    Venus is the next planet on the list and its cycle around the sun is approximately 225 days. If you include the time when Venus is retrograde then it’s closer to a year. This planet does have a much larger cycle called the Venus synodic cycle which is too much to cover here and was briefly mentioned in an earlier module whereby its eight year path traces out a five pointed star. There will be an add on module at a later date on how to do this cycle in the chart as it gives a lot deeper look at the longer term patterns over the whole life span, of ones love and relationship and creative power, values and partnership areas, what we craft our life into, etcetera— however for now in this module the focus is on its more shorter term yearly return cycle, to do with love and relationships values, and creative artistic power in terms of all things connected with the second house and the seventh house in the natural order chart and where Venus is in a chart.
    A Venus yearly return is a good time to renew love, and explore creative power in further pursuit of artistic, and wealth, and relationships, and social goals, and in general looking at the areas of life where the other planets in the Venus return chart are and the forthcoming aspects that this planet will make in it journey.

    It’s a time when one can assess creativity and all things in terms of the art of life and relationships to life. The aspects Venus makes in its journey around will indicate times when it’s separating and applying where you have a window of opportunity to further utilize those type of energies and see what can be done to further make the best of them. There may be changes you want to make in terms of the areas of life and things to do that it represents which can be orchestrated by the aspects, and area of life it’s in each time. On its returns this planet offers new guidance for the year ahead to help you increase in beauty, and wealth, and in appreciating the different qualities of an enriching life it signifies, as well as where things should be considered first and not overdone or a lackadaisical manner of living be adopted.


    Mars and its journey from one return to the next takes approximately 22 months even close to 2years. You’ll notice as we go further away from the Sun that the cycle time takes longer each time for a planetary return.

    Mars represents our self-drive and energies such as self-assertion, and courage, and purpose, and personal desire/initiative. The focus on a Mars return is to renew, and energize and keep stamina going in desires for getting things done, and putting in as much into our aims and desires to be so that we excel on the material plane and not get depleted or waste the energy required to do so. Mars type of electromagnetism is on each main plane of consciousness (ie the physical, emotional or astral, mental, and spiritual) representative of renewed vigour and energy. It’s a personal power that supports the Sun or rather our sense of self, and all the other planets because of its natural desire to survive and achieve, and not let life get the better of us.

    A mars return is short enough to look back over two years to see what’s been accomplished, and also it’s a good time to begin to see and plan for beyond just a year and see what areas of life are good for channeling and focusing its powers on.

    Some shorter mid-term goals in life can take two or three years to achieve, and this is where Mars can be a helpful ally in support of the driving force needed to sustain things that need doing over the course of that time. So when its return is coming up start taking note a month or two beforehand its actual date of exact conjunction all the way up to it, so as to get familiar with its new role for the next few years and the new area of life it’s going to be occupying as denoted in the return chart. That’s the time to plant the seeds and assess all things in relation to your life that you would like to achieve in two years in that area in particular—also note in its journey the aspects it will make as well to that area as it goes around.

    It can be very subtle when you are ascertaining the type of energies happening at the time when it comes to a planets return, however by noting in the natal, and return, and even the progressed chart, the transits you will get a good picture of the return planets story for that time. The return planet plays the leading role and basically sets up the charts theme while the other planets in their areas of life make up the various parts of the plot.

    To gauge further the return planet take a look at any transits that may be occurring from the other planets to the return planet at the time of its return, as that is also how you can get good insight into the type of energies working and the events. Also it’s important to take note of Mars if it makes a connection with a slower moving planet at the same time that it is on its return and just finished it—as this can also be an extra input to the planet and where Mars energies are being directed.

    Part of Fortune

    The part of fortune has been included because even though it’s theoretically a mathematical point it does have its power energies which do have an effect upon what we do in life that can be a very noticeable at times in the chart, especially when it’s seen in the light of contributing with and to other planets in creating and bringing about prosperous conditions.

    The part of fortune progresses like the other planets and has its return. The time can vary somewhat but it’s usually around 2.25 years in a sign and close to 27 years to do one whole circuit—which very much coincides close to the progressed moons return and cycle so there can be an interaction of energies there and it may even connect with the other quicker planets that are returning each year or two years.

    Obviously the part of fortune is a good time to consider one’s prosperity and to make the most of everything that comes your way around those times in relation to new beginnings and making new plans as a result of rewards and prosperous conditions prevailing and anything that connects to your wealth in terms of your physical, and emotional, and mental, and spiritual values. It also means how we view and what we consider to be our lot and fortune in life for better or worse.

    The part of fortune’s makeup is composed of three parts which are the planetary ruler of the sign on the ascendant, and the Sun, and Moon. So the sign and house where those planets are placed need to be considered also especially at the time of your fortune return. The aspects mainly noticeable are the conjunction and oppositions, and the end of the return can indicate growth, as well as the beginning and it can be very obvious when you’ve got a focus on exactly what areas of life and what aspects are forming both from and to your natal part of fortune, especially if it’s being shown in the progressed and other charts as well.

    In particular note the planetary ruler of the sign it’s in the natal chart as that’s usually the strongest indicator according to its position and sign in the different charts that will give a good indication about things in relation to your fortune and what to focus your prosperity awareness on at the time and overall as it progresses.

Astro ActivityModule Nine/Day Two - Activity 1


a) Create a Venus return chart for the current year, by noting in an ephemeris when it returns back to the day of its natal position. To get the exact time simply work out from the ephemeris the number of degrees it went by looking at the day before and after and then divide that by 24 and note the time when it corresponds with the exact degree as it was at the time of your birth in your natal chart.
b) Next do an interpretation for it, for that year by sign, house, and natural planetary ruler, and aspect. Also have a browse on the internet and research the soul and spiritual meanings of Venus. Try typing in “Venus in esoteric astrology” or “Venus and its spiritual meaning”.

Activity 2

Do a Mars return chart based on your natal mars position, and then compile a one or two paragraph interpretation.

To get the key meaning of Mars return role base it on by 1st) noting its house position 2nd) note the house in its return chart, then combine the two notes into one paragraph, then 3rd) note down all the other areas with the planets in them in the return chart— they will show what and where you can further focus and give a productive outlet for your self-drive and purpose for those couple of years.

Activity 3

In your chart using  https://www.astro.com/  to get the dates, do your “fortune” return cycle. Note the times it makes prominent aspects with any of the other planets and the when it’s entering a new house and when crossing an angle. In particular note the natural ruling planet at those times of its natal sign, and its progressed sign’s natural ruling planet—also the sun and moon and ascendent natural ruling planet as contributing behind the scenes factors.


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