• Day 4: The Planets Return (Part D)


    Chiron is not really a planet. Its regarded as a minor planet/comet that exists in the asteroid belt between Saturn and Uranus, however it is also regarded as an important part in the human life cycle because it’s at around 50 years old that Chiron makes its return and so its the time when its energies are very much active in the human life span.

    The nature of its energies is very much related to health issues and higher awareness development. In its mythology a lot is documented regarding the key to understanding its cycle is through health or healing and teaching, and how to better acquire knowledge in relation to the types of things in which Chiron represents in relation to the house, and area of life that it occupies and the aspects to and from it in the natal chart. It stays in some signs for longer and others less. In general there’s a lot said about it as being the “healing of the wound” however it’s important to regard the key concept of Chiron as that which benefits when used as a healing power and not typically as a wound—so it teaches how to utilize forces within and connect with higher states of awareness and apply them in life. For discovery of its powers in your chart ascertain the natural planetary ruler of the sign it’s in then also to consider its connection with Jupiter and Mercury in the chart, both personality, and soul, and spiritual expressions, and the ninth and sixth houses because of its natural affinity to the signs of Virgo and Sagittarius, and also check any aspects it makes or that are made to it especially oppositions and conjunctions.

    The ruling planet of the sign it’s in at birth is usually a very good indication of the energy it has a strong association with. The keys to watch for in a Chiron cycle because it takes 50 years, is to keep an eye on the areas of life where it makes its transiting aspects as they can indicate important times especially knowing beforehand when they are due does makes a big difference in how to tackle those types of energies, especially at the first square around 18yrs old if you have children or friends at that age.


    Neptune’s cycle around the zodiac takes approximately 164 years. Obviously this is not a return cycle that anyone experiences in a lifetime, however there is a way to assess Neptune’s cycle by its transits through each sign, which takes about 14 years give or take a year or two as to how its energies can be utilized.
    This planet along with Uranus and Pluto are often referred to as the generational planets—which means a whole large group of people has the planet in the same sign who all have similar subconscious affinities where those traits are demonstrated through group events on the whole that have their deeper connection in relation to humanity’s evolutionary growth cycles through the generational influences. Each one of the generational planets has historically a continuing pattern that in one way or another carries similar traits from the previous one and sets the pace for the next future generation, to continue on with through their group endeavor to the next sign.

    On the individual level the generational planets are also experienced. While there is a common basic theme that describes the things that Neptune, and all the planets for that matter, qualities are known for—it’s really through the areas of life and one’s environment and what one does that makes a planets electromagnetic forces unique in the way a person expresses them. So the way to further develop the skills in cultivation of Neptune energies is to note the sign it was in at birth and its natural ruling planet, plus the aspects that it makes to any planet or angle, and vice versa, and the area of life it’s in the natal and progressed charts, and the one and it’s transiting through by sign and planetary ruler at a the time and connect them to the things in your life that you do or will take on that come under its rulership.

    Because it’s such a long-term transit and to bring it down into more of a daily recognition development in awareness of Neptune energies, they need to be implemented in terms of things like spirituality, and using ones dreams, and imagination, and expression of subtle realms of otherworldly ideas and realities—all of which are better utilized as a platform in which those things and other qualities pertaining to its nature can be expressed practically in material values. For example Neptune rules film and photography, entertainment such as acting and all material things connected with spiritual matters, such as spiritual health and wealth on the physical plane— it also rules fiction, and expressions of spiritual art, and musical inspiration, and lots of other things from visualization to illusion and sensitivities and more—all of which any search on the web for more of what it rules will tell you much about what comes under its rulership.

    Just to mention here while we are on the subject of things which come under a planets rulership. There is no one way of knowing for sure about which things apply specifically to a planets rulership and which don’t. Some are obvious and there is no dispute which planet they match up with, however really it’s purely up to the person whether they want to believe those types of things or not. Personally I have found that it pays to use ones intuition and to test the things which you may have a liking towards in terms of the things which connect with a planets energies, especially the subconscious idea and knowledge of the planet within oneself, and more than anything where there is any doubt about what come under a planets rulership then the observation is better off when it is based in practical understanding and common sense as to just how much it comes under the rulership of a planet. The rule of thumb is to apply the “law of correspondences” when deciding what comes under a planets rulership and really not to get carried away with too many things, or thinking that everything comes under a planets rule.

    So in Neptune’s case as with all the planets, out of all the things you read about it that come under its rule, begin first with those things that interest you and let yourself be guided from there on by your experiences of them before trying out new avenues for directing its energy.


    Pluto is another planet which is impossible to ascertain its return cycle as it takes approximately 248 years to do one journey around the zodiac. However, once again we can work out Pluto’s energies and how to best benefit from them by noting the natural ruling planet of the sign on the cusp of the area of life it’s in and— the natural ruling planet of the area of life it’s in and—the transits it makes through each sign which can vary considerably in terms of between 12 to 18 years which in a lifetime can end up between 5-6 maybe 7 signs it transits through—and in that time the aspects it forms will impart further experiences revealing more about its cycle.

    If you like to ascertain the rest of its cycle it’s more a projected assessment you would need to do based on research of previous records and accounts of what the type of events and things that happened according to each generation in the past when it went through each of the signs which one won’t experience in a lifetime.

    At its most basic Pluto represents empowerment and on a large scale its energies reflect in the subconscious power of the masses. It’s the awareness of subconscious forces that a person discovers deep within themselves which empowers both by disintegration and re-generating—and yet it’s the type of forces which are absolutely necessary for continuing life and undergoing transformations which further bring in new growth and new life experiences.

    So the most apparent times when Pluto’s energies are in operation is when it enters a new sign, or crosses the cusp from one house into the new one especially any one of the house angles, and also when it makes a conjunction or opposition to one or more planets. In its progression it only moves about two or three degrees in a life time, however its energies you can recognize any time by its transits.

    Understanding what its energies are like is simple enough by looking on screen and seeing the death and destruction and transformations on a large scale that happen in the goings on between countries such as for example—war and terror, and new medical breakthroughs on the sub-atomic level, and life and death situations, and all manner of subconscious and subterranean forces at work and play behind the scenes. While on an individual level it’s the kundalini forces and investigative and researching aspect of mind and anything where significant transformation happens through events and things that are out of the norm and not a regular daily occurrence. Also deep rooted things of long standing that have finally come to the surface and are ready to be transformed.

    It pays to study the energies which come under the rulership of Pluto and see how you can use them within yourself as really powerful constructive forces for making tremendous improvements in your life and other people’s lives. The things said about this planet vary considerably so as is the norm with anything about the psychogenics of astrology interpretations that are voiced online especially, only take in what’s good for you and leave the rest.

    At best, it helps to see the energies of Pluto, not as something to be feared or crucial for living but instead an important and useful force which is normal and plays its part as part of the group of energies which make up the planets on their return journeys. Each planet defines symbolically different parts of our human nature. Planetary return cycles is a very good means to study human nature on the whole beside just one’s own, and learn about, and as a result store the knowledge acquired in the mind for future use that can support—for example when one is looking for deeper significance to give meaning to ordinary day things—this planets energies are such that sometimes a deep inquiry and look within oneself, can as a result bring forth sudden events that may seem at first to have no reason or cause for them, and yet to find out why or more, one can upon looking at the astrological chart discover hidden information, or guidance, or things which otherwise may not have been discovered and transforming without the help of this planets nature.

Astro ActivityModule Nine/Day Four - Activity 1


Check where Chiron is in your natal/progressed chart and progressed. Do its return even if you are past fifty and note the aspects from any natal planets to it and if any transits by those planets are imminent. From noting its area of life in the chart, and the natural planetary ruler, and aspects, and any other significant links in the chart such as angles, and element, and cross, determine how you can best utilize its power and tap into it more.

Activity 2

Note where Neptune is in your natal and progressed by sign, and house, and planetary ruler, and aspects, and especially if it’s in a conjunction with other planet(s) or close to an angle. Read up on the generational patterns of Neptune through the signs and—as an exercise for a few weeks choose a few things that come under its rule that particularly appeal to you and familiarize yourself with them over the time and see how much you can attune to its energies and what the type of experiences are Neptune energies have for you.

Activity 3

a) In this activity print out your natal and progressed chart, and do Pluto and the aspects it makes by transit in the sign its currently in relation to its position by sign and house in your natal and progressed charts.

b) Next plot its movement in each new sign it will be in between now and the rest of your life or until as far as the years go in a current ephemeris.

c) Finally note the important dates when Pluto is transiting through those future signs and comes within orb 1 or 2 degrees of an aspect to another planet or cusp of an area of life, and in particular when it makes an aspect to its natal position. With each sign it enters and each main aspect put the year on the outside circle of the chart and do a small keyword record report for it so that you have it all done and can use it later on in the future whenever you like to refer to it regarding Pluto’s connections and events.

Keeping your chart findings on record is a handy way to store information that you may have a need for at a later date. It also helps to keep up to date by checking every now and again what’s happening with the planetary returns, as sometimes surprising results can happen. You may find that you are close to a planetary return or an aspect halfway through it, or there is a significance events happening in your life which correspond with a planet that is returning to its natal position or any number of other interesting things that can show up in planetary returns.