• Day 1: Nodal Axis

    Axis patterns are specific astrological patterns whose energies denote certain characteristics unique to that pattern. They are only in certain areas of the chart and are composed of either two or more areas of life that are in an alignment of one sort or another. Axis patterns are made up of axis lines and represent destiny to some degree in one form or another. An axis pattern indicates the main flow or current of energy that if worked on and integrated produce fulfillment of a degree in terms of the destiny potential being realized through the outlet of the areas of life and the planets involved in the pattern.

    The nodal axis pattern is the moon’s north and south nodes which has its relationship connected with the moon. Sometimes the nodes are referred to as the Dragons head and Dragons tail. These nodes are regarded as a vocational destiny axis. Both the north and south nodes describe vocational direction and skills acquired. The harness of powers denoted by the south node house position, sign, and its planetary ruler along with the aspects if any, will tell you what energies to utilize and how to express and channel those energies through the North node which, in return by utilizing the energies of the North node reciprocates and benefits the South node.

    So it is clear to see that both the North node and South node need to be working in unison to achieve really good results—furthermore they should be considered in light of the position of the house where the moon is in and the sign and its planetary ruler. The nodes have a lot to do with the feelings on the soul level with regard to its purpose—also because its moon related and with the triangular connection between the three houses generally indicates what one strives to achieve as well in relation to the moon.

    When the nodes are activated by a transit it’s a good time to do an update and ask questions to see if oneself is still satisfied they are on the right path of their destiny still—the type of aspect will indicate the manner in which one inquires and seeks answers to however where decisions may have been made or there has been some conclusion come about regarding one’s direction and purpose even if it meant making changes at the time, often have a tendency to show once the transiting aspect has passed.

    The moon’s nodal axis pattern is the most common one and yet sometimes when looking at axis patterns it’s helpful to realize that every planet has its nodal axis, the only difference being that the moons nodes are more documented due to the observations made on them.

    So with the nodes there are at least two and they serve as complimentary opposites and lend support to another planet due to their relationship as an extension of the planets energies or rays in a certain direction and the activities, as defined by the two houses and the location the nodes are placed in.

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*** Watch the Video first.

On the “extended chart page” of https://www.astro.com/ scroll down to near the bottom of the page where it has “additional objects” and on the right hand side columns tick “always use true node” and “show descending node.” Then click on the blue tab and you will see which houses the nodal axis is in plus aspects, and natural planetary rulers and once your chart appears.

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