• Day 4: Generational Patterns

    These are the astrological patterns formed by the three outermost planets, commonly known by the names of Pluto, and Neptune and Uranus. A generation is around 25-30 years however within that span there are so called astrological generational patterns that fit different age groups who were all born under the same sign within that span. The only difference is the signs will be in different houses according to the date and time of the individual.

    So in your chart draw an axis line that links those three planets together and then draw a line from each planet wherever they are to the sign its in. The natural ruling planet of the sign and the natural planets natural house, will tell you a lot about the way your generational planets energies receive foundational input, in relation to the types of things and activities represented by the house each planet is in along with the aspects they form.

    It’s an interesting study on its own just to see the type of things each generation on the whole is dedicated to changing and doing something about in the world in playing their part to make it a better place, and can be quite noticeable in individuals and groups in every branch of life.


Astro ActivityModule Five/Day Four - Activity


a) In your natal chart note what your generational signs are for the planets Pluto and Neptune and Uranus and the houses they are in and do a one paragraph interpretation for them.

b) Next you will need an ephemeris for this. Next to each generational planet write down the date in years each one spends in the sign it’s in your chart. ( https://www.astro.com/ has one online if you don’t have already )

c) Next write down the signs and dates in years regarding how long each generational planet spent in each sign between 1945 and 2050. That should give you some idea of the things you have in common and not so in common with your friends and the other age groups of humanity both now and in the future.