• Day 2: The Bigger Picture

    The bigger picture in a monthly phase was hinted in the last module and what it means is that each month of phases works according to a bigger cycle. A distinct stellar pattern evolves over a longer period of time that when applied to the chart can be relied upon to be a regular pattern for outlining yearly events for example and looking further ahead into describing even longer periods of time. So creating monthly charts of the phases and connecting them with foundation, and natal, and progressed charts will synchronise your electromagnetic currents with the earths and the celestial currents.

    Each month is part of the seasonal cycle. These cycles are based on the four seasons and they work according to the seasonal cycle of the equinoxes and solstices which are the result of the suns and the earths corresponding journey around in their orbits with the constellations as the backdrop. This corresponds in an astrology chart to the beginning of the new seasonal cycles which are the defined by cuspal point of 00° Aries/Libra (equinoctial points) and 00° Capricorn/Cancer (solstice points) which is the Cardinal cross you’ll notice in astrology. These four signs are recognized as symbolizing new beginnings and initiating in things to do with the three houses of that sector of the chart, especially the 1st house of each. So these dates are useful times when you can make the most of them through planning and synchronizing your human nature energies and higher consciousness with the changing seasonal cycle and the patterns of electromagnetic forces of the celestial currents and the soul forces of nature—simply by noting them in your chart and where the natural planetary rulers are of each of those signs, along with any aspects and transits to those angles, especially on the day of the equinox and solstice as you will be synchronizing the subtle electromagnetic properties of your aura’s subtle bodies of consciousness to the larger forces of nature and the universal currents.

    Also these constellation points we use to define our life on earth have their connection currents that transduce and work in with the sun and moons monthly phases, so you can see how these energies are effectively a gateway or source of power and synchronize into a pattern of celestial currents which has its links to a larger pattern, the bigger and longer the cycle gets.

    Then we have the midpoints of those four major points when the new season starts. The seasonal midpoints are equivalent to about the middle of the seasons which equate to the 15° mark of each of the four signs of the fixed cross—and even though there is no connection, there is a pattern as on a smaller scale—as it’s a synchronization of a sorts with the four other phases of the sun/moon’s monthly journey being the crescent, and culminating, and disseminating, and balsamic phases, which are the 45° marks of each quarter. So there are subtle energies at play all of which can be tapped into by looking at the areas of life where these points are in your chart and anything else that has a link to them from the other parts of the chart.

    In nature’s cycle the Sun makes its journey from the northern to the southern hemisphere and back again with its crossing the equator equal to the ascendant and descendant in the chart, however in terms of the human cycle it defines how we fit into the patterns of nature, and the celestial patterns, and on the human psychological level they can have effects in terms of changes relating to our patterns of behavour and this is reflected in the charts patterns through the crossing of the angles and the aspects the planets make not in their daily or weekly or even monthly transiting cycles but in their larger seasonal cycles.

    Once again we come down to the very basic notion that everything is truly currents and degrees of electromagnetic and sub atomic particles in varying stages of matter and density. So in the chart the seasonal cycle for a period of each three signs is when the sun passes through as it crosses each angle at a designated time of the year. This can be significant because the sun represents our essential nature and vital being, it symbolizes a new beginning equal to a new season and for the next three areas of life it travels through can be defined in relation to the season’s next three monthly phases. The bigger picture from this again comes the yearly cycle. Having passed through the 12 signs of the zodiac and each cycle with its variety of design which is often accompanied by eclipses and aspects from inner and outer planets can be noticed in the chart also.

    A lot of this is all based on the earth’s relative geographical position to the North/South Pole axis and the Pole Star and the Sun’s position however, for the natal chart the suns yearly cycle defines what is commonly referred to as a “solar return chart”—which is when the sun returns back to its position at the time of your birth. This is another energetic mix of electromagnetic currents worth synchronizing with, which on a basic level we enact as noted by our birthday celebrations. In a way for each one of us this is like nature’s yearly cycle where the sun begins again at 00° point of Aries.

    On another level it signifies a new cycle is beginning for you for the year and what’s more here again we see we have a yearly birth cycle that can be divided up into phases, only this individual human cycle is made up of three months a piece where you can very easily track in advance, and make plans in advance for how you want to travel for that year by synchronizing with the currents and dividing your chart up into 4 quarter phases or even 8 phases like the moons monthly phases. It’s simply matter of marking where each phase begins then you can plot your course as you go through each phase of the year, which can be very interesting and revealing in regards to the areas of life each phase shows.

    Soul Fertility Cycle

    Another cycle we are going to mention briefly here is the Lunar Phases Fertility cycle. This cycle is well known as the menstrual cycle and cycle of conception—however, I’d like to mention it in terms of another cycle such as the one which is connected with the cycle of the soul on a monthly basis.

    At a certain time in a month just like a natural fertility cycle the soul also undergoes phases from where it begins and ends its cycle each month. This smaller cycle obviously fits in with its larger cycle being the souls life cycle for a lifetime, however the smaller monthly cycles have their own seasonal patterns worth noting as well.

    2. Moon Phases Fertility Chart

    You could say they are the biorhythms of the more subtle forces and the inner experiences of oneself. The cycle is calculated based on the particular phase the moon was in at your time of birth. The day your birthday falls within that phase virtually corresponds with a mini new-moon phase for you on a personal/soul level and because it’s the moon it relates to the moons correspondences and one of them happens to be it represents the soul—phases just like the moon does.

Astro ActivityModule Eight/Day Two - Activity


Go to https://www.astro.com/ and on the extended chart selection page click on the special charts selection and in the window scroll down until you come to other charts and the “phases fertility calendar” right at the bottom. Click on that and you will come to graph which shows each month for your Lunar Phase fertility cycle. ( see snap shot above)
Note: That this is being referred to as the fertile days for the menstrual cycle according to doctor Jay’s theory, and which I might add I’ve found from some studies of charts are not entirely correct, however that’s not the focus we are considering here. We are taking this to a different level—the soul level—and you can do this by observing the day that is marked in red which is the day on which your cycle is on, while the black circle is the new moon, and the yellow one represents the full moon of that month.

What’s most noticeable is that on the day before and after in particular the moon has passed that particular date you will notice changes in your receptivity and energy levels. There can be other subtle changes as well however this needs to be noticed and observed by you personally, because these other subtle levels of the soul are unique to each one of us and are actual subtle genetic energetics and DNA patterns, so they are not easily as noticeable by others, because they operate on a different level—a more subtle level. But over time these are the times and on the monthly phase where you can make the most of obtaining information and connecting with synchronizing and intuiting more readily messages from your subconscious and just adapting to the souls voice and actions. It can be a time when it's even helpful to not eat as much or overdo it in the physical sense, in order to gain more clarity and sensitivity and to take advantage of the cycle by closing it off and then renewing it again feeling refreshed just like in a new moon cycle. Remember however, to do your own observations and keep it in mind always in context to the larger pattern of the eight phases of the normal monthly sun moon cycle.

This particular fertility cycle is regarded as an important one for recognizing new birth which in this case we are referring to the soul passage in and out of Earth. Over 12 months, even years there can be a pattern discerned which you’ll notice fits in with other patterns, plus it's always handy to know that life is not just one long cycle from beginning to end and that there are special times each month when we can be extra-attuned to our soul purpose and destiny much more.

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