• Day 3: Chart Type Monthly Cycles

    We are going to take a look at how monthly cycles can be applied in other types of charts. Monthly charts usually belong as part of a “Chart Set” or alternatively they can be read on their own.

    Chart Sets

    A monthly chart can be created for any one of the 12 areas of life. It’s nearly the same process as you did in “swinging the compass” in module 6 day 3 of taking the cusp of whatever area of life you want to look at more closely and moving it around to the ascendant. This makes the area of life your self-identity and all the other planets in the other houses will be pertaining to that one area of life each month—it magnifies it in other words. This type of chart is done on a monthly basis and can yield good insight into monthly things you’d like to do or keep track of in regards to that area of life for that particular month.

    Even though the method for doing the monthly chart is the swinging of the compass method, before it can be done however, it has to conform to another chart first that I like to call a “Foundation chart”—which is a natal type chart created for a particular area of life where the planets remain the same throughout the entire life to do with that house. When the foundation chart has been done, then another chart is created from that which is once again a simple process of “swinging the compass” for the area of life you want to focus on, then other charts can be created from that one, the same as the standard ones are done for a typical natal birth chart. For example a progressed chart and solar return chart can be drawn up from a foundation chart, and of course monthly charts can be done on top of that, all for that one area of life which means you’re really focusing on that one area and building it up and bringing about attraction and causing changes to happen regarding your aims and desires etc. * (for more on how to do the above charts, see activity at the end of this modules day).

    Doing monthly charts means you can cover any month or do 12 months of charts in advance or however long you want to do. You can also add the monthly transits of the planets as they go through the houses. Also the chart areas will differ according to the place of geographical location where you live.

    The monthly charts for a particular area of life can also have what I like to call a “Base chart”. The Base chart is the chart of the new moon cycle for that month where you live, which should be the exact same place as your monthly charts location. The key here is that the base chart is a connection with the new moon cycle of the local electromagnetic anomalies of the town, or place, or area, and environment where you live. It shows to a degree the things, type of events, happenings and general vibe going on, in terms of a larger group of people, even animals, in that location and as such when you link your location (in particular look at the same area of life and what planets and rulers etc) to the area of life you have done your monthly chart for, the forces connect and it strengthens and gives you greater attunement.

    So the “base chart” is cast for the exact time of the new moon for the location you live at.(note if your location isn’t in astro.com’s data bank of places then just select the nearest town that is, as it won’t make a great deal of difference). Also it’s marked as an “event chart” when you do the input data for creating a new chart.

    For instance as an example of the above—say you would like to know more about your relationships and further growth in your “relationships” you can track that aspect of your life through each month in order to see where the relationship can be benefited and how and what the types of things are to utilize, and create, and make use of. It’s not only relationships a monthly chart can be done for—any chart such as a wealth monthly chart, a spiritual monthly chart, a career monthly or business monthly chart, every one of the houses can be done.

    The monthly charts all work on the same principle—that is they are derived from the foundation chart’s house chart. A monthly chart is drawn up and a base chart for the place where you live, or alternatively it could be a base chart and monthly charts for some other place depending on your purpose. The thing is it’s not absolutely necessary to do a base chart. A Foundation, a House, and Monthly charts go together as a set (you can also include a Progressed, and Solar return Foundation chart in that set if required), whereas base charts (new moon charts for the area) are optional and can be used if you want to add extra to your monthly chart.

Astro ActivityModule Eight/Day Three - Activity 1

  At the end of this days module you will be creating your own monthly house chart and below is the formula for how to do each part of the process—but first to get a clearer picture of how it’s done, first watch the video on “Making Chart Sets” and then follow the example given below.


Fv in short hand for “How to do a Monthly Chart for a House”

1) Foundation chart: Swing the house cusp choice of the natal chart to ascendant. ( ie to 00° Aries of natural order chart)

2) House of Foundation chart: Swing the house cusp of choice of the foundation chart to ascendant

3) Monthly chart of House of Foundation chart: Swing the house of cusp of choice of “House of foundation chart” to the ascendant for the closest time when house cusp matches the ascendant after the exact time of new moon.

4) Base chart (optional): Do a chart for the exact time of new moon at the nearest town or city where you live.


We’re going to create a “foundation chart”, a particular “house chart of the foundation chart” and a “monthly chart”, and a “base chart”. The 4 charts sound like a lot to do however they are very simple. It’s just the same as swinging the compass.

Say for example you want to find out how to make the flame of love brighter and take your relationship to a new level. Using your natal chart to start off you would move the 7th house cusp (committed relationships) around to the ascendant. That then becomes your “foundation chart”. (Note the formulas given here are included in the downloads so you can print them out and use them as future guidelines in your astrology if you like.)

Creating a Foundation Chart

So to begin with, first you want to create a “foundation chart” so login to “astro.com” go to “my astro” however the first thing you want to do is get the degrees of the 7th house cusp from your natal chart. Then once you have that noted down click on “add new Astro data” and give the chart a name like “7th House Foundation Chart” for example, put your gender as it’s not an event, input your same birth date and place—for the time you’ll probably have to play around with it before getting the right 7th cusp degree on the ascendant, work off the rule of thumb again that roughly one degree = 4 minutes of time, one sign = two hours, and 12 signs equal 1day. This can be a trial and error as is not entirely accurate.

When satisfied the ascendant is on the correct degree and minutes, then click on the “extended chart section” tab on the “free horoscopes page” and that will take you to your chart where you can input additional objects you want to add to it and you will see after clicking it that your chart comes up with the area of life on the ascendant. You now have a foundation natal chart for that particular area of life that you can use as main chart to create all other types of charts that stem from that.


*note: To find the exact minute, simply click on the button which will take you to my Astro page, click on the charts name which will take you to the “free horoscopes page” and scroll down to the bottom section where it says “horoscope chart drawings” and just above the “extended chart selections” picture tab you'll see the picture tab “chart drawings ascendant” with the words next to it “quick access to your chart” click on that and you'll have a good snapshot of your chart which allows you to quick access to read the minutes of the ascendant that will tell you how many minutes you are to exact in the minutes that you're looking to find in your foundation chart area of life. *If you’re not as close to the minutes as you would like then simply go back each time and adjust the minutes until you’re happy with it.


When you have the 7th cusp moved around to the ascendant cusp save it and or print it out. From that chart you will be able to see straight away at a glance the areas which the relationship focuses on for you, especially the ones with the planets in. So make a note of the theme and main points and houses that stand out. That’s okay for an overview of the different parts of your relationship, but now your aim is specifically to enhance the relationships fun/love affairs department with your partner so that’s a 5th house matter (rules love affairs, and amusements, entertainment, creative expressions, etc)


Creating a Sub-House of the Foundation Chart

You drill down further to create this type of chart by swinging your 7th house foundation chart 5th house cusp around so it becomes the ascendant, using exactly the same method as you did to create your foundation chart from your natal chart. Name the chart “Sub House 5 of Foundation Chart 7th”. With this chart you now have all the information and the things you can do to enhance your love life in your relationship with your partner to do with the 5th house. If it was money or the relationship’s personal wealth it would’ve been the 2nd house, or family the 4th, and so on with all the other houses each representing some aspect of your relationship values.


Creating a Monthly Chart

You now have your “foundation chart” and “Sub-house of the foundation chart done” so next is to do a monthly chart and that's very simple. The monthly chart is the chart looked at each month with regards to the foundation chart, sub-house chart—which in this case it’s the fifth sub-house we want to devote our attention to each month and build up.
Because the planets in their transits go through the different signs each month, each chart will present a different picture. So the interpretation will have its monthly interpretation which as a rule normally is in relation to a natal, or a progressed, or a yearly solar return chart, however in this case the monthly charts are for house 5 of the relationship foundation chart.

Creating monthly charts is fairly simple. There are two things which need to be done. The monthly chart as mentioned stems from the “sub-house chart” of the “foundation chart” so the first thing that needs to be done is to work out the date and time for the first monthly chart for the current year. The first step is to use the day of the new moon for the month you want to start with, which you can get from an ephemeris, (be sure to correct the time of new moon to your local time, which will be so many hrs before or after Greenwich Mean Time)
The second step is to find the time during a 24 hour period when the ascendant is the exact degree as your “sub-house chart” ascendant, because you want to incorporate that energy into your self-identity and synchronize it with your subtle auric bodies and line the currents up so to speak, as it makes it a lot stronger.

When you create the monthly chart put in the date and time of new moon and the place where you live— this is your starting point. Over the next 24 hours the whole 12 signs will each become the ascendant. When the ascendant degree is shown you will then be able to change the time until you have the same ascendant degree and closest minute to whatever your “sub-house chart” ascendant is and that’s it. When you bring the chart up you will have a chart denoting the areas to focus on, the what, and how, to do for that month with regards to enjoying activities of the 5th house more in your relationship. If it’s done right each month you’ll see a new house with sign and some of the planets degrees changed also.


Creating a Monthly Base Chart

Next last step we want to do is the “Base chart” which is a chart for the actual new moon cycle itself for that month. This is the new moon for the place where you live that goes with your monthly chart. Simply note the time of the new moon for that month which you can get from the ephemeris, but remember to add or subtract whatever the hours are for your local time at the place you live. Then create a chart for the exact time of new moon at the place where you are living. *note for this chart you don’t swing it to get a new ascendant. Whatever comes up is what you use for the interpretation. More so take note of the particular house in question that relates to your monthly chart.


Interpretation Technique for Chart Sets

When it comes to interpreting your 3 or 4 charts and to make it easier to synthesize follow this formula until you’re comfortable with your own. (* We will use the example from above and also the formula is part of the downloads as well.)


FV for Interpreting a Chart Set

1) Natal House: 7th: Relationships
Note the natal 7th by sign planetary ruler and any planets in it.

2) Foundation Chart: Relationships
Note all the charts components for different areas of the relationship. Follow chart interpretation technique as you would for a natal chart however adjust interpretation to suit “relationship values”

3) Sub-house chart of the Foundation chart: 5th house (love affairs, amusements, enjoyments, creative expression, entertainments, hobbies etc)
Note the sub-charts components for the theme different areas in the relationship to do with the fifth and add them to your foundation chart list of main points.

4) Monthly charts for the 5th sub-house chart of the foundation 7th:
Month: January
Note the charts components for that month to do with matters of the fifth sub-house chart for activities to focus on for that month.

5) Base chart: (matter of preference): New moon chart of the place specifically for added value in the monthly chart.
Note any additional things especially the 5th sub-house of the base chart for extra support of the monthly chart.


The cycle can build up over 12 months and also a longer period of time in relation to your “Sub-House and Foundation” charts. The key is to keep studying the charts on and off when you get the time to really build up and make those energies very magnetic and attractive.

Part of the beauty of this method is it can be used to do other charts. Of course in this example this set of charts is for things you can do personally in your relationship. If you want to see the things your partner likes in the relationship you can do their chart, and for both of you together you can do a set of relationship charts based on the midpoint and Davison chart for example.

As you can imagine the means is there to take your relationship to an entirely new level or any one of the other departments of your life you want do a set of charts for.

Activity 2

Following the formula for “how to do a monthly chart for any area of life.” Select a house from your natal chart and make a chart set for it. ie: 1st a Foundation chart—2nd a House of the Foundation chart—3rd a Monthly chart from the House of a Foundation chart—and 4th a Base chart.

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