• Day 4: Additional Techniques For A Monthly Chart

    A monthly chart is a great way to focus on getting things done for the month ahead. In effect it’s an actual basic calendar map which you can use to plan out your month. Each month can be planned out right through for a whole year. This is easy enough as it’s simply a matter of noting the area of life for each new moon.

    There a lot of other things a monthly chart on its own is useful for also beside it being a part of a set to a sub-house and foundation chart. It can be used for scheduling, or as a diary. You can use it for writing down your goals for that month or any projects you happen to be working on and things in relation to the areas of life the planets are in for that month. In a monthly chart it’s an ideal way to track and utilize the energies of each area of the chart in relation to the months energies on a larger scale as symbolized by the transiting planets for that month in relation to the pattern of events that occur around the world for that month.

    For example, if the monthly new moon in your chart happens to be in the area of health then that’s a good time to focus on health issues, and self-improvement, and developing skills, in relation to your project and goals. Whatever planets may be in the 6th and also the position of the planetary ruler of the sign on the cusp of the sixth, are further indications of the type of energies and assisting areas around the chart which can support that house.

    The monthly chart shows at the time of new moon the current position of the planets also and it’s not unusual to see the quicker moving planets enter another sign during the same month. The Sun of course will stay in the one sign until the 21st or 22nd of each month, however it may cross over into another area of life, in which case the changeover on the cusp of the house is a good time to take note of, but also the transiting planets and the moons nodes are worth tracking especially as they can form aspects to the natal chart and very much can trigger events that have been pending.

    Doing a monthly chart and checking the transits is one of the key methods for depicting future trends that can be taken from one-month right through to months, and months, and even years ahead. However it takes a lot of practice and even then when there are times when all the planets and transits line up and the indications of an event shows in the natal, and progressed, and the other charts, it may not entirely work out according to the calculations and assessment of the future trend, as there is often always something else that was overlooked, even when it’s been well planned out and the chart well analyzed—so that’s where monthly charts again can add extra benefit by narrowing down the time frame and noting if in the chart there is connecting signs and links to the other charts which support the stellar patterns of the event to be.

    Monthly charts are also good ways for keeping a good focus for no special reason other than simply watching the planetary patterns change throughout the month and noting how different aspects form between them, some of which stand out while others go by unnoticed.

    Monthly charts are very useful for showing that there can be events that will take place but they can be more of an inner experience where the outer experiences may also be noticed but also there needs to be further correlation from what you are actually doing or is happening to you in real time that later can be verified in the chart.

    Lastly a monthly chart can have its zodiacal trails as well, which can be very handy for finding out more about the area of life in which the new moon is in particular, but also in relation to the other planets and their zodiacal trails. When doing a monthly zodiacal trail, once you have the main trail noted down, note where the planets belonging to it are in the “house chart of the foundation chart and the foundation chart itself to see what areas they connect with and anything else that stands out that links in the three charts, as that can possibly indicate a particular path, to look at in further detail as it could be indicating something for you to heed, or take action, or something else important to follow.

    The key points for a monthly chart are to synchronize with the sun and new moon conjunction at the beginning of the cycle, and note the corresponding areas of life they come in your natal chart, and foundation and sub-house chart if you have done one, and progressed charts, and during that month to note the times when each new phase begins, so that you are up to date and resonate with each area of life in each phase, and also the last point, to keep an eye out on the transits as they aspect and connect with the planets of the natal and other charts.

Astro ActivityModule Eight/Day Four - Activity

Twelve Month Moon Calendar

Print out a monthly chart and draw in its eight phases. (see diagram module 8, day one called “A moons monthly phases)

Do the same for each month for the whole year and with them make up a calendar which effectively gives you the means to record and schedule as you go along. It can be very handy for reference sake and also for plotting and planning what you want to do throughout the year.

The key here is once again to remember that by doing this you are synchronizing the astro energies into a stellar pattern in your subconscious, and tapping into energies, and re-creating them, and bringing those forces in and out to the fore of your being, which is strengthening your connection with the powers of attraction and manifestation, and synchronization with higher awareness states through astrology. After a while if you keep this up you will notice an increase in electromagnetism infusion into you, around when each phase begins.