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Astrology works in conjunction with free will. Destiny is mostly what we make out of life. Do you want to know more about your life— how to change it for the better—give it direction and set a course to take you to new horizons, and steer clear of the hazards of life, and know how to ride out the storms, and challenges without getting shipwrecked or lost?

Have you ever thought sometimes I shouldn’t have done this, or if that hadn’t have happened maybe it would have been different and turned out better, or if I hadn’t had taken that action when I did I wouldn’t be in this position I find myself in now. These types of reflections even though are not everyday occurrences are still however, part of learning the wisdom life asks of us when we embark out on its journey and travel its dimensions.

Every Department of life as its areas that need to be navigated safely and with direction which is without doubt a basic human requirement life puts upon us when passing through its doors. The best part is we come equipped with the means to be able to meet life’s expectations.
Each one of us has unknown hidden gifts, and talents, and skills waiting to be discovered and that a good astrologer will be able to inform you about by simply looking at your chart. All charts are personally done by me and have clear interpretations that enable you to make informed choices based on the information you receive in the report. You will be able to see what lies ahead, the valuable and important things to direct your focus on, and how to fathom the mysteries and insights of an area of life you want to master.


Do you have a question you want to ask about something really important and get a good understanding and timing of the situation? A “Question Reading” is what you need then. The answer to a problem, or knowing what action to take for a beneficial out come, and getting a good understanding of the situation at hand is where a question reading will give you important feedback and inform you of exactly what you need to know in order for a specific outcome to happen based on your free will and decision to follow it up. Here is some things question readings are good for:

  • Solving a specific problem.
  • Getting a good understanding of a situation and what to do about it.
  • Knowing what step to take next in a specific direction in relation to the question.
  • They give feedback in when times of opportunity are at hand and available to act upon.
  • Singles out one particular area to focus on and gain valuable insight about it.

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Some of the most valuable uses in having your chart cast, is it can point the way and unblock where before there was seemingly no indication, or way to get through a situation, or positively overcome it. There many different reasons why people have their charts cast however all of them always come under one area of life or another. Your chart contains many different things about your life some which can be the keys you may be looking for to unlock your life’s path further, or know about what’s up ahead so you can plan for it and make the most informed decisions on how best to utilize your higher powers.

Chart readings are good for:
• Understanding of your life patterns and the parts of your life where you can have the most impact and success in.
• A chart gives an all-round view of the elements to focus on for making the most of opportunities and progress within an area(s) of your life.
• Narrowing down problems and finding specific beneficial outlets for their solution.
• Show where skills and abilities can be developed and utilized.
• Seeing how to achieve a goal, or create wealth, or solve challenging relationships, or health problems, or anything else in connection with the management of one or other different requirements of your life.
• Learning and uncovering parts of self where buried treasure and guidance is found.

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Having a coach is recognized as one of the surest ways to achieve a goal. Coaching sessions are an invaluable means for goal focus and planning ahead because your astrological charts are used also detailing every area of life and showing what needs to be done for your goals success to be virtually guaranteed. In coaching sessions obstacles can be clearly demarcated, and corrections, and intelligent planning can all be worked out, with the result that sessions are inspirational and focused with a good awareness of progress shown clearly each time, that can be pointed out and mapped so that a course of action is taken and practically applied.

H.M.A. coaching sessions are good for:
• One on one—which is proven to be how people achieve even the most difficult of goals.
• A good coach will always have the best interests of wanting you to succeed.
• Are most suited for you if you are open to using higher mind awareness techniques to discover your powers and abilities to attain your goals and aims.
• Will benefit you in other areas of your life if you are willing and open for change to happen.
• Give support, and encouragement, and direction in working through a plan that’s based on your chart and your preference, and in the process enables you to see clearly how to manage each step and fit it in with your lifestyle comfortably.

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Has life reached the point where you want change at the most fundamental level, or where you have reached a crossroads in life and are looking for a total transformation, or perhaps the time has come for you to take an entirely new road—if so then a specialized service of higher mind awareness personal training course is available. This is a course for both personal transformation and in higher mind awareness coaching. The training offers great value in learning about higher mind awareness on how to use those energies as forces of empowerment for transforming your life by completely making a huge difference to a part of it you want to grow in, and integrate into you well being, or transmute and turn it into something of a higher more beautiful expression of who you seek to become.

The H.M.A. coaching part of it is a second course that can take your lifestyle or business further as a result of becoming a H.M.A. life coach.

The training course is for you if:
• You are out to take your life to a new level of awareness.
• Want to know how to use the secrets of higher mind and employ them in further growth to parts of your life that are in real need of improvement and change.
• Are keen to grow spiritually.
• Ready to discover how to call upon your creative powers whenever you like.
• Turn your life around or take it further in an area by planning and re-designing elements of it which open up new doorways of opportunity.
• Are prepared to devote some time and worthwhile effort to make it happen finally.

The H.M.A. personal training course and coaching is for anyone who is seeking to install new life into their business, or relationships, or personal well-being, or any of the other parts of life and raise it to an entirely new level of meaning and purpose.

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